Pear OS 8 Review

Pear OS 8. I have never heard it before until I read a post in a tech blog about it. And I was amazed with the features. What amazed me was, it is a Ubuntu based distro (distribution) and design interface like Mac OS.

Ubuntu + Mac OS = WT*?
So,i think for a while. Google some info about Pear OS. And i decide to delete my Ubuntu 12.04 and install Pear OS 8 and dual-boot with windows 7 in my laptop. You dont believe it dont you?
Here is some screenshot.

just sudo update after installation
So, now how to install it? The installation is pretty much same like installing Ubuntu on your computer. Nothing much difference. Here is the download link
boot screen

Phonegap Android Tutorial links

"tutorial to build Android App with phonegap"
"HTML5 Android app phonegap"
"how to build android app with phonegap"

For the past few months I am searching at Google on how to create an android app with HTML5 with phonegap framework. But i am not satisfy with the tutorials to start. But with the patience and help from God. I found some tutorial at least to learn the basic part. Maybe later with try and error, I hope I can build a good android HTML5 app with Phonegap framework. By the way, you may wondering what is Phonegap framework? . Well watch this video to understand more.

phonegap picture explanation.

So that is Phonegap Framework. Now where is the tutorial?
Well, I just share with you the link that I think is good start for developing our skill in building mobile applications. This is for Android version. iOS i dont know. Sorry if you are iOS developer.

5. PDF tutorial for Android & iOS

Tutorial to setup phonegap in Ubuntu in Android Sdk

If you are Ubuntu user like me and using android studio. Still blur how to start the project. No worries. I manage to find out how it works. Just follow this steps.
1. click link no.6 . In this tutorial,do all the steps until the steps show "build the project".
2. Now click this link. Just follow the steps.(ignore first step,start immediately with Import project when you open Android Studio)

This is the screenshot from my Ubuntu and run phonegap app with Android Studio Emulator

If you have any link or documents or questions, feel free to share with me in the comment section so that other reader who are searching for this knowledge can get benefit from you. :) cheers. Have a good day

Trip to India

Well, for the last 3 weeks of my 3 month of my semester break, I have decided to visit my grandparents in India and also enjoy my time there. But turn out it become a sad trip. As it turn out, my grandfather is checked-in at a hospital in ICU due to not feeling well during my first day in India. It seems that he had some sort of internal bleeding in his brain but he managed to recovered from it. And after that another new problem arises whereby he had difficulties in breathing. So he have to transfer to another hospital at Chennai to aid his health due to not enough facilities to cure my grandfather problem. But thanks to Allah. On my last 3 days in India,My grandfather show some improvement in his health,getting recover in good pace.

Not a good story to hear eh? I know. But throughout this trip, I have observe myself and people around me.
Thing I learned is that.

1. Always be grateful for what Allah have give you.
2. Do good deeds before you fall sick.
3. Save some money for future needs. We don't what will happen on that time.
4. Love the people who still around you. You wont meet them again if they die.
5. Get adapt to a place quickly. Don't show off that you are Malaysian guy in other people place. Just stay low.

What about pictures?
Well,most of the pictures i took, I upload at my Instagram. So,feel free to check at there.
here is the link

Tips to make Android Phone on best performance all the time

How to make android phone fast?
How to fix insufficient storage?
How to fix lag?
How to remove stubborn apps or remove samsung apps?

The questions that I typed above is the typical question raised by Android users since Day 1 of the phone usage. So,how I fix this major issues on my phone? Well,let me share with you. Its up to you,to follow it or not.I just share my knowledge. :-)


Seriously? I don't want to broke my warranty. Don't worry,you can "unroot" it.
Why root? Because the rest of the tips,the apps that you need will need root access.
What is root? I don't want to blah2x about this. Just watch this video,to make you understand.
So how to root? well just google "how to root <android version><phone model name>".
My tips is just click the result from "xda-developers." You can trust them. Or try search in Youtube to make you understand the steps clearly. Or ask your friend who know rooting stuff to root your phone.

2. Reboot/restart your phone after your phone is fully charged.
Yes,it sounds crazy but it works for me. just reboot if you finish charging up your phone. Works better if you turn off your phone,and turn it on after 10 seconds.
Use this app to reboot in one click. Its call reboot widget.

Tutorial to a create Google chrome app extension

Hey guys,in this post,I am going to share with you on how to create a simple Hello World app for Google Chrome App or extension. Why Hello world? Why not a tutorial to build other app?

Ok, lets make things simple. First of all,based on my understanding, in order to create a Google chrome app/extension. It is just like build a html website and package it with manifest.json files.
In Google chrome app/extension. It's just need a file with
  • a manifest.json file
  • a .html file
  • a .css file
  • a. javascript file (can also include jQuery inside javascript)
Take note here,please don't include javaScript code's in HTML file. Chrome hate it! Make sure save it in separate file. So,if you good with building websites, i dont think that will be a problem. Its same.

So,lets start. All you need is ideas,a Chrome web browser and a text editor.

1. Create a folder to save all your files inside. Can put anywhere,make sure you remember it. Prefer to put it in Desktop(for windows). Like me,i create in Home folder in Ubuntu/Linux. So,name anything for your folder. Like me,i create a folder called "chrome app".

How to install Java jdk in Linux/Ubuntu

Hey there,since i am IT student. We all need to have java in our computer. So, if you using Ubuntu,how to install it? Well, luckily I found a tutorial in YouTube. It is easy. Just make sure you good internet connection. The installation will take more than 5 minutes.

So,first thing first. Open Terminal.

This are the command used. The first 3 steps is for preparing the installation process.
PS:// when you type sudo for first time, it will ask your PC password,just type it slowly. you will understand why.

1. sudo apt-get install python-software-properties
2. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java
3. sudo apt-get update
4. sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-installer

If you want to understand more,please watch this video. Have a nice day :)

Install Android Studio in Linux Mint 14

Well, since i switched from windows into Linux. I need to learn many thing because the environment and software installation are different here in Linux compared to windows. When i want to install the new Android SDK which is the Android Studio. I dont know how to install. So,I googled on to how to install it. :)

Alhamdulillah,I found a simple tutorial and it worked. :)
Here is the link
Eventough the tutorial is for UBUNTU 13.04 ,but it still works. Just follow exactly.

But before that make sure you have installed Java JDK to avoid problem.

S4 stress test

Ok this is a video about strength test conducted in Samsung Lab at korea. I dont know whether it is in North or South Korea. Just watch this video to see whether Samsung Galaxy S4 is strong or not.

Turning Normal TV into Internet TV or Smart TV

I always ask to myself on how to turn normal TV into an Internet TV. Or should I say a Smart TV.After few while I surfing in Internet, I finally found it. It is a very cheap solution and it is powered by Android. Cool is it?

taken from internet

Well, how it works?.
Its pretty simple. Just connect HDMI cable to the device & your tv. Connect Android mini stick power supply to the device. Once the device is on, just change the TV source into HDMI. After that, you will see a usual Android tablet interface.Those who use Android will understand what I am saying. Later, open the wifi setting under Settings, connect the device to your home/office Wifi network. And tadaaa, you are having an Internet TV powered with Android.

OK watch the video to understand more.

Explanation of hudud

Hey there, how are you? Since the general election is coming. A lot manifesto is propagated by both sides of party. But what makes me interested is about applying hudud law. The moment we listen the term "hudud" we already think about chopping human parts. Well,thats not hudud. My dear friends, I am not an Ustaz to explain about hudud but I am sharing some videos here, so that you can understand easily without reading long text that makes you sleepy. :)

Project LED Music Tree

Basically what I want to share here is, Me and my friends come out a crazy ideas when we were hanging out. We were thinking to do something awesome before we graduate from our University. The result is,in our Kulliyah(faculty in Arabic) ..we have trees. so why not we decorate the tree with LED lights and it can follow up with music pulse. The concept is just use Arduino Micro Controller Board, LEDS ,and of course batteries as power supply.

Watch this video,so that you can visualize what I am sharing with you.

Its just a fun idea. We are planning to do it during our final semester before our Industrial Attachment.Pray for our success. If you want to donate,feel free to do so.

tutorial to build windows phone app

Now I am learning windows phone app after learning developing Android app. Well,I just learning just for fun to understand on how these app's works and to appreciate on how developer's developing their own app.

So,if you want to learn developing Windows Phone App. Just click these two link's for tutorials.
But before that make sure you have installed the SDK. It is recommend to download this SDK for Windows 8 user's.

Download(for offline version)

1.everything about Windows Phone App developement -> LINK

2. Tutorial 1 
3. Tutorial 2

running the emulator

How to learn code in Internet for free

I found a website called
It is a website where it provides links and also free tutorials where we can learn programming in easy and fun way. Besides that, we can learn javascript,Ruby,Phyton in online. Wow!

Why I like to learn in this website is,I dont need a software or compiler or setting to do it.
Just a browser and a Internet connection.

Before I know this website.I used codecademy. It was awesome. You should try now.
Anyone can code.

And you know what is also learning how to code. You don't believe it? Watch this video

Pay things with your smartphone

In upcoming future,i think i will just bring my wallet,filled with business cards,id's,train tickets,and etc.Do you know,if your phone have NFC(near field communication) you just pay things that you wanted to buy with your phone.Awesome rite?
Well here some video's to make you understand about it.

Tips to improve LAN cable speed

Since I am "Kaki Download",love to download things. So,i always consider my Internet Speed to download a file in short time. Usually,i download stuff in my university lab.They provide good speed plus I used the LAN Internet connection to download. I face many problem during download.And I dont know why,maybe because of peak hour,RJ45 cable problem,server down,etc.

But here some tips to fix your slow connection especially using RJ45 cable

What to do in Internet?

Seriously, everytime when I am at my hometown during my holidays.I always faced this dilema which is what to do in Internet.So boring!!!!!!!!!
Is like there is nothing in YouTube,facebook,twitter,instagram,etc.

 I am out of option on what to do in Internet World.I know Internet is big Virtual World but dont know what to do with that awesome technologies.

Well,during my school times,in the Internet i used to play miniclips,friendster,download stuff,and etc.
But now,it somehow changes.How?

Well,now i surf facebook,twitter,blogging,webstagram(instagram in web),youtube,and etc.Still downloading(kaki download,biasa lah)

But I managed to find myself how to use Internet to avoid being bored.
I found a website.It list down on what to do in Internet when you are bored.And I found out it really helps me out.You should try.

Well,here is the link

Thats all for now.Enjoy

What is education?

Well guys and girls, its hard to tell in academic words. For me education is a process to equip a person with skills and information to face daily challenge. The purpose is not for getting high marks in class.But be able to teach/explain to other when asked about something.

Well,I found a video in YouTube about education.Its worth to watch.

How to learn using Adobe After Effect

Well,I'm sure many of you know what is this logo means.Just like Photoshop,this is logo for adobe after effect. Adobe After Effect is a software to add effect in your video like shooting,dragon ball effect,hulk effect,and etc.Watch this video to see the application of After Effect.

So,I am IT student.I think I need to learn this also for my skills.I still learning on how to use this software.I have asked around from my senior's and friends on how they learn after effect.This is what they shared to me.

For me this guy,is a Xifu for After Effect.He knows many things in after effects.  Just click on the link.This website provide basic training and also tutorial for the effects.So learn the basic first.

2.AE tutsplus
Well they provide,many nice effects and also tutorials step by step with pictures.

How Youtube can teach us?.Well just search "after effect tutorial".There are some awesome guys will teach their effects. I searched "Modern Warfare after effect",there is also people did tutorial for the text.Try one. Futhermore,you search effect based on movies like Thor,the expendables,or sherlock holmes.Wow...

I have another method which is shared by my senior which is learning by editing the After Effect templates.So since I learn the basics,InshaAllah I gonna try this one.

why people like to use instagram

Actually I have just started using this application for my tablet and my smartphone.
It is a nice application.So what is Instagram and why everyone likes to use this app?

Well,what I found from their website:
"Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Snap a photo with your mobile phone, then choose a filter to transform the image into a memory to keep around forever. We're building Instagram to allow you to experience moments in your friends' lives through pictures as they happen. We imagine a world more connected through photos."

What I can say is that it is like using twitter but instead you tweet some words,you just upload some photos.You can express your feeling in photos and share it with your friends.So,in conclusion it is photo social media.(You can correct me if I'm wrong).Beside that,you can edit the picture to give more effect and make it awesome.Photoshop users love this.

Well,basically what you do with this app is, take the picture with this app
2.edit the photo with apply some filters.You can give effect like in DSLR's and many interesting option.s
3.Post the picture and add some caption to it.
4.Like you friends uploaded pictures/comment the pictures
5.Note that like twitter,you can follow other people and there are people will follow you.

How to eat cupcake properly

When anyone give me a cupcake to eat,I always wonder how to eat properly with manners and not messy.So,I found out in YouTube.Lets watch and learn together.

Tutorial to upgrade Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 into Jelly Bean 4.1.2

At last I managed to upgrade my galaxy tab from Android Gingerbread -> Jelly Bean.Awesome rite?

It was running smooth,no problem.all running fine.Battery power is good.
So,How I did it? .Well,I just foolow the instructions from the tutorial I watch.

Before you begin,make sure you have root your tab.
How to do it?
Download these files first. ROOT password: vio

This is the tutorial video
If you have rooted. Just download these file for JellyBean ROM. By the way,this is a custom rom,not officially from Samsung. Custom Rom name is CyanogenMod 10 Jelly bean Nightly mode


This is the tutorial video.

This is the screenshot I take when I was doing this process. ^.^

All the best for trying it out.

Make your bicyle look like TRON light cycle

Have you ever wondered how to make a TRON light cycle?

Well,I have an idea and I gonna do it for my bicycle.
Its very simple. Just need an LED.That's all? Simple rite?
Actually this hacks usually applicable during night time.
This is how it gonna be at the end

wow..I think this guy take this picture using long exposure with DSLR

SUPER EASY to setup.You just need to put the LED at the wheel valve (tiub tayar).
So,where to buy?
I bought from a person in Her name is Intan.
Just cost around RM12 (2 led) + RM6 postal fee. It comes with 5 colors.So you choose one.
Interested? Just go the her blogshop

This is how the LED looks like

(only 1 light not like the video)

I will post later about my bicycle at night.InshaAllah :)

Happy New Year 2013

Wow,that was fast.Goodbye 2012 and welcome 2013.
So,what happen in 2013. Well,Gangnam Style,Android Jelly Bean,iOS 6,Olympics,A guy fall from the sky,my house got renovated,my uncle got married,and so on.
Don't forget about the apocalypse hoax.

I have no 2013 wish things but just a hope. I hope this year I discover something good about me, new beneficial knowledge, new technology to solve humanity complex problems, and continuing developing myself as good Muslim.

I found a video in YouTube that show you in 2:46 about what amazing things happen in 2012.
Let's watch together


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