What to do in Internet?

Seriously, everytime when I am at my hometown during my holidays.I always faced this dilema which is what to do in Internet.So boring!!!!!!!!!
Is like there is nothing in YouTube,facebook,twitter,instagram,etc.

 I am out of option on what to do in Internet World.I know Internet is big Virtual World but dont know what to do with that awesome technologies.

Well,during my school times,in the Internet i used to play miniclips,friendster,download stuff,and etc.
But now,it somehow changes.How?

Well,now i surf facebook,twitter,blogging,webstagram(instagram in web),youtube,and etc.Still downloading(kaki download,biasa lah)

But I managed to find myself how to use Internet to avoid being bored.
I found a website.It list down on what to do in Internet when you are bored.And I found out it really helps me out.You should try.

Well,here is the link

Thats all for now.Enjoy



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