Tips to make Android Phone on best performance all the time

How to make android phone fast?
How to fix insufficient storage?
How to fix lag?
How to remove stubborn apps or remove samsung apps?

The questions that I typed above is the typical question raised by Android users since Day 1 of the phone usage. So,how I fix this major issues on my phone? Well,let me share with you. Its up to you,to follow it or not.I just share my knowledge. :-)


Seriously? I don't want to broke my warranty. Don't worry,you can "unroot" it.
Why root? Because the rest of the tips,the apps that you need will need root access.
What is root? I don't want to blah2x about this. Just watch this video,to make you understand.
So how to root? well just google "how to root <android version><phone model name>".
My tips is just click the result from "xda-developers." You can trust them. Or try search in Youtube to make you understand the steps clearly. Or ask your friend who know rooting stuff to root your phone.

2. Reboot/restart your phone after your phone is fully charged.
Yes,it sounds crazy but it works for me. just reboot if you finish charging up your phone. Works better if you turn off your phone,and turn it on after 10 seconds.
Use this app to reboot in one click. Its call reboot widget.


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