Barbican not Haram??

Recently in Malaysia,there is a issue that the halal bir now is Haram.Due to 0.05% of alcohol in the drinks.(Click here to know about it).So now,many IIUM students doubt about the one of the favorite drink which is "BARBICAN" whether is HARAM or HALAL?
Regarding to this,I found a blog share view about this.Check it out.
These is not a confirmation that BARBICAN is HALAL...Just the proof from the distributer...
May ALLAH show us guidance...

Kung Fu Panda 2 awesome!!!

fans of furious 5
This morning,me and my siblings went to GSC Ipoh Parade,to watch a movie that I have been waiting for a long time,other than Transformer 3.The movie full of funny action done by Po(the big fat Panda) and he found the secret about his family and also he get inner peace and fight with it in the ending fight with cannon fires.

The movie just played around 100mins and those who havent see it,watch it!!!. 

List of website that provide free blog template Template

Whenever a person open new account for a blog.First thing that will running in the person mind is that,where to get nice,awesome,simple blog template?

Based on my experience I will share the links(website) to download the template.All the best choosing the template.Look at the rating given.Make sure to read the comment before download it.There are some template make problems.SO OPEN YOUR EYES!!!
or just want to change the background go here

BLOGGER TEMPLATES (I like this)  (I like this) (I like this) (I like this)

Well,so far,this is the link I been through,searching here and there.If you want to share links that you know.Please Comment !!!

 All the best trying it out.Be patient to search blog template that suit your interest.It takes whole day for me.

Useful website for daily Internet User

Credit to bro Haitrus from

01. - merakam filem dari desktop anda dan menghantarnya terus ke YouTube. - untuk menangkap screenshot panjang penuh laman web.
03. - memendekkan URL yang panjang dan menukar URL ke kod QR .
04. - mencari URL asli yang bersembunyi di balik URL pendek.
05. - tahu lebih daripada sekadar waktu bandar tempatan

Watch Football Match LIVE on Internet

Lets make our life simple.People are buying ASTRO because want to watch EPL and other football matches.And some for movies.They pay RM100+ monthly bill.What about students?.Can they afford it.?
Based on my observation,most of them just go to Mamak Shop and stay there till 1am.But If they follow my simple ides,they can just watch in their room.Awesome rite...

After googling for a while.There is two websites I recommend.Here it is.
>>Free Football
>>MyP2P (In here you also can watch basketball,Cricket match also..)


1.Need high Speed Broadband.For TM please use UNIFI.  Or P1 wimax,maxis,or Celcom Broadband.
2.Go to the link choose the match that you want to see.
*The time is set on LONDON time,15.00pm = 10pm Malaysia!!!*
The link will posted as above 90min before the match.
3.Enjoy the live match.If your Internet speed ok.Then no problem.Experience like watching in YouTube.

All the best in trying it out.

Test your Eye!

I found how to check your eye condition...
follow as what I written

A small test to check eyesight yourself. Hope it will work.
please follow the guide.

1. First close one of your eye . 
Move your mouse point at the red ‘! “.
3. Press ctrl+a
4. Then u’ll see the result.

People ask you to do something and u do it without applying your mind ;)
YOur eye sight is allright,But YoUr Mind has gOt Problem hehehehe .. Ha..HA..HA.. !!!
I am also a VICTIM of this ..
.HA..HA.. !!!

Read more:

Shah Rukh khan during teenage life

I found here.

Tamil movie,what I like and hate about it

Obviously the language used is Tamil.

1.I like the comedy in the tamil movie which cannot be found in English Movies.Take a look from this video
Comedy scenes mostly done by vadivelu and vivek.Try search in youtube.There are lot of it. 2.The songs are nice.This is one of my favorites.There a funny scenes.
3.It make me not to forget my mother tounge. 4.Better scenes from hollywood sci-fi movies.
Dislikes 1.If you see the fight scene,it is too much.Not logic....
This is not logic,bullet proof human,lol
2.Nowdays tamil movie,the director could not make nice ending.All ended with hero or all main character dying. 3.Illogical physic.Car explosion,jumping and many more ******************************************************************************** There are many more things I like to share,just not enough resource to proof...Well,what I can say,that is Tamil movie.Onion Emoticon


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