apabila kucing lapar

Ini baru anak kucing,dia tak tgk aku lagi....

A video about doomsday

Insha Allah,Since I am at home.I think i want to test my skill in video making....
Plan to make a video about doomsday...so stay tuned.TAkde la gempak..just kita ingat sesama kita
any suggestion to view in video.comment me

Plan cuti 2 bulan

        Start 1 July,mulalah cuti 2 bulan aku...dan akan TLDM(tidur-lepak-dan-makan) di rumah...Aku x jadi nak keluar jemaah untuk usaha atas Iman.Sedihnya aku.Tapi aku mohon pada Allah agar pilih saya pada cuti yang akan datang.

     Dan saya ajak sahabat2 sekalian yang baca entry ini,banyakkan doa ini.Senang je.Minta pada Allah
"Ya Allah,janganlah Engkau murtadkan iman aku,janganlah putus nikmat yang mu bagi selama ini,dan pilihlah saya untuk menemani Rasullullah SAW di syurga nanti"-source IKIM.fm

So whats my plan.Well let see.
1.Quran dah katam? belum kot.. SO kena katam sebelum Ramadhan
2.Belajar buat apps Facebook.
3.Belajar Programming language baru...
4.Blaja masak kot.hehhehe
5.Adik UPSR,kena motivate dia dan lecteru dia.
6.Jumpa kawan.Buat mini gathering.If possible sebelum Ramadhan.
7.tak tau la...Tgk dulu.Maybe buat tutorial edit template minisite kot

Kalau ada cadangan komen la ye....

Best Windows software

Ok guys,you are using windows operating system rite? and want to use best software which is free.There is a websites that I found that can make you easier to know which is best from antivirus,download manager,uninstaller and many more.Here it is



Super Star Rajnikanth style

Credit to Blog Serius.
This is reality,No graphics,no Adobe After Effect thing.Just creativity,TALENT and awesome!!!!
Its about,how people in India apply the effect.

At the food stall

At shopping store(Chennai Silk Sarees)

At tea shop(cool tea aka ice tea fast!!!)

I just wondering if there is a teacher can mark student assignment in fast mode.Is it possible?

Kod rahsia dalam telefon bimbit anda

Saya jumpa dalam blog ini pi cek la
dari handphone nokia,SE,LG,motorola,dan etc

Only In Malaysia

This image I found in facebook
Credit to Syahmi D Ibrahim

Baby attempt to blow harmonica

this is a 0.33s video.This baby is so adorable like my brother when he was small.Enjoy the video

Situation during Judgement day

Salam,this is a post taken from Mahaguru58.A post about mankind during the judgement day.
Credit to him...

Repent! Now....

After all creatures that were alive in these universes have died and perished, Allah the Almighty will command the Angel Israfil Alaihis Salam to blow the Trumpet or Horn @ Sangkakala to revive all creatures which had died.

Bypass Malaysia blocked Websites

Salam,I managed to found how to bypass the URL/IP address.Credit for these guys.

Just click on morris alex link.The tutorial quite simple.You can learn from there.
This solution by doing some simple setting on TCP/IPv4.

Preferred DNS server
Alternate DNS server
taken from kemanxp
ALL the best

Call Of Duty MW3-Gameplay

First of all,to all fans the release date is November 8,2011..
So,just be patient and uptodate about the game.Enjoy the gameplay.
This is first part of the game..and this taken during the conference @ E3,just last week...
Click here to know more.

Design blog using Minima Template

InshaAllah,my dear followers,I just managed to edit minima template.My friend offered to edit his blog.THE SHAFIQ KHALIQ.X gempak la design dia.But dah tau caranya.hehhee.So,Now you guys no need to search around google for new template for your blog.Just edit,copypaste and tada! A awesome feature for your blog.
The proof that you can change the minima template to professional,rocking template is here!

Blog Serius
ItsALLaboutJourney / joegrimjoew
InshaAllah,I will post the tutorial if my follower managed to reach 60+


Angry Birds Papercraft

From speckboy

credit to http://littleplasticman.blogspot.com/2011/03/dont-mess-with-these-birds.html
and http://speckyboy.com/category/templates-2/
Download here http://www.mediafire.com/?4jk8bvym73uu2

I like angry birds!!!

friends seriously I in love with those small angry,revengeful birds...especially their sounds when they are flying....weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

on this saturday 11/6/2011 there will be a angry Birds playground at Plaza Low Yat for an attempt to make Guiness World Record.SO,who have time ,go support to make a record.

A friend of mine who love this game found a video in YouTube about what if Angry Birds in our life.He posted in his facebook.Credit to Amin Aleman

enjoy the video...

Tutorial to create Contact Form

Hello friends,I just learn a trick using "google docs".It is about creating a contact/order form.If you go to high-rank blog or websites.You will see it.But How to do it? Usually,web designer create it using HTML codes.But now  you will learn it just by using Google Docs.

1.Log on to Google Docs.
Go to "Create New",from there click "Form".
2.From there,you will see this interface

Meletakkan Facebook "Like" button di blog anda

English Version

Akhirnya dapat juga.Begini cara dia.
First log in blog anda,pastu pi design,then buka edit HTML.
Pastikan anda "Check" pada box "Expand Widget Template". Tekan pada keyboard "Ctrl+F".
"<div class='post-header-line-1'/>" 
Ignore double quuotation
Selepas code itu,copy dan paste code ini
" <iframe allowTransparency='true' expr:src='&quot;
+ data:post.url + &quot;&amp;layout=standard&amp;show_faces=false&amp;
frameborder='0' scrolling='no' style='border:none; overflow:hidden; width:450px; height:40px;'/>" 
Then Save template,Itu saja.Selamat Mencuba.

Sneak peak around new IIUM-KICT building

On 30/5,thats was a awesome evening I had with my friend Usamah.Why? Coz we challenge ourselves to jogging around UIA.Somehow we manage and "Pancit" after 3/4 of UIA.Letih gila.And so,we decided to "walking" to the 90% complete construction of KICT building (Kulliyah of Information Communication and Technology).It was so nice.And here is the picture....


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