Sources of Barakah

Alhamdulillah,I managed to attend of the program of ProductiveMuslim tour in Malaysia which held in my University(IIUM).I just want to share you about the sources of barakah.Why barakah?. Because in every aspect of our lives,if there is barakah in our task/activity,you and me,people beside you,the community,will be happy and feel awesome.There are about 18 sources of barakah.

1.Good Intention
2.Piety & Believe in Allah
3.Putting Trust in Allah
4.Reading Quran
5.Say Bismillah in whatever things you do
6.Eating with people
7.Honestly in trade
9.Halal income/money
10.Following the sunnah
11.Praying Istikhara
12.Giving thanks to Allah
14.Trying ties of kinship(eratkan silaturrahim)
15.Waking up early(dont sleep after subuh prayer)

Explanation of each point(link)
So,just choose one of it,and be consistent with it..InshaAllah,you will be in the observation of Allah

Chinese guy speak in different accent

Create a secure password from hacker

I always wanted to do a post about choosing a secure password but keep forgetting.But,after I read an article that my favorite muslim blogger gmail account is hacked.So,immediately I decided to blog about it.
So,how to secure your password.It's easy and hard to remember.So choose wisely.

1.Dont choose password of your gf/bf name or somebody in your family name.
2.Kindly avoid using your phone number/car registration number/(any number that your friends and family know that related to you.) as your password.
3.Dont use abc123 or 123456789 or your name in Capital letters
4.Try include capital letters,small letter,characters and also number.
    eg: M4Lay$1A-57
5.Dont share your password to anyone!
6.If you in public place/cybercafe,try to avoid entering password using keyboard.Use On-screen Keyboard.
   Just click the password using mouse on the screen.This is to avoid keyloggers
7.Change your password frequently for every 30 days.Dont be lazy.Hahahha
9.Last but not least,please watch this video of experts as I put below

How to choose strong password

DO's and DONT's

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PS Vita Demo

After PSP,keluar pula PSVita. Nampak sangat dunia berada dalam tangan kita.Jadi,kepada follower aku yang minat pada game console.Silakan tengok video ini

Video tentang ketagih gunakan smartphone(Blackberry,IPhone)

Tapak Perniagaan Online

Sekarang semua pengguna Internet tahu mengenai perniagaan online.Tetapi tahukah mereka lokasi untuk menjual produk mereka.Secara AM,ramai tahu hanya buka website,tukar kepada .Tetapi ada banyak tempat untuk jual produk.Paling terbaik di Malaysia ialah
Saya share pada anda lokasi yang anda boleh jual produk anda,semuanya FREE.

1. Facebook cth
    -gunakan facebook page.

2. Blogger cth
    -just register sebagai ""
3. cth

So,thats all guyz.Inilah perkara yang saya dapat share.

Class Prank

I try if I could

Career in Information Technology

If you study Information Technology, What jobs you will get? this video show quick idea.

Difference between Computer Science and Information Technology

I just found the answer.Simple explanation from my senior

"lets compare computer n cars. In automotive engineering, we study how the engine is functioning, why the engine rotate faster when we press the gas, etc. In cs, we study how the computer functions, how the data is processed in processor, how it is stored in memory, how to create an efficient algorithm to process the data, etc. Back to cars term, let says we are managing transportation service. We have bus as the tranportation service. At same time, we have to manage the bus route, schedule, maintenance of the bus to ensure the smoothness of service. In IT, we also providing the services using computer. Like for example, in the course registration system, we have to manage the database, the interface, the networking, etc. Also they have to do the maintenance for the system"

Google latest feature Google Wallet

When does Google Wallet will be implement is Malaysia?
By the way,Google Wallet is like you use your smartphone to pay your shopping items.So no need to take your Paper money,coins,and also credit card from your wallet.I can concluded it like Google Wallet = Wallet in phone version.
Awesome rite.

Lets see the demo of it.

But,make sure you have alot of money and also A go buy samsung galaxy or anything.
And also check the details at GooGle Wallet

I know it! Coca-cola NOT GOOD !

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