How to Dual-Boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04

Hey guys,it's been quite long I did not post anything.I have been involve in a big program which is KICT Festival.It's a awesome experience to learn new things and to face many challenges.So,today I was a committee for a program which is FOSS DAY(Free Open Source Day).

At the end of program,we had a workshop which is installing Linux OS in participant laptop.The OS is Ubuntu 12.04.(The latest one.Sort 12.10 beta 2).So,I will share with you a video that I found to guide you.(Many of my friends had a difficult time to install Ubuntu,thats why I do this tutorial)

Good Luck in trying it out.

First download The Ubuntu from this link 
Get an empty cd or dvd OR use a pendrive to install ubuntu.(Make sure your thumbdrive size is at least 4GB)

To burn ubuntu in cd rom (click here)
Create bootable usb (Click here)

Watch the video to understand how to install..


Restock/convert back to Gingerbread from ICS for Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000

Hey guys,recently I downgrade/restock/flash back to stock GingerBread 2.3.3 rom for my galaxy tab.
I found a good tutorial from TeamOvercome website.
If you want to flash back to gingerbread from Ice Cream Sandwich Custom Rom.
Just follow this Procedures from this TheOverconme website.

To,make your life easier.I summarize for you.
1.Download this file GB-Stock-Safe    This file contains all files needed to download from overcome website.
2.(I take from the teamovercome website.So that you wont confuse.)

The Installation:
1. Extract the file into a folder of your choice.
2. Now put your Tab into what’s call the “Download” mode. You can do this, by shutting/powering down your Tab. Once shut/powered down, hold down the Volume Down button and the Power button together until you get the following image appearing on your Tab’s screen:

3. Now go to the folder where you’ve extracted the to. Open the Odin3_v1.7 folder and fire up the Odin3 v1.7.exe application. Now connect your Tab to the computer with the USB cable that comes with your Tab, You should get the screen below appearing. (It’s alright if the COM# is not similar, as long as you get the Yellow box as below.)
4. Now click on the “PIT” button, and a file selection window should open. Look for the following file “gt-p1000_mr.pit” in the extracted folder and select it. Next click the “PDA” button, and select the “GB_Stock_Safe_v5.tar” file. Now, select the “PHONE” button, and the file selection window should open again. Now the next step is important:
  • If you’re using a GSM-based GT-P1000 Tab (Asia/Europe/ Middle East/Oceania/Africa, rest of the world, etc), look for the “JPZ Modem” folder and select the “modem.bin” file.
  • If you’re a North American T-MOBILE Tab user, look for the “T-Mobile Modem” folder and select the “modem.bin” file.
  • If you’re an AT&T (USA), TelCel (Mexico – if you’re not using the GT-P1000L Tab) and Telstra (Australia) user, look for the “JK3 Modem” folder and select the “modem.bin” file. It doesn’t matter if you prefer another modem, you can flash another modem, once you’re done…;-) Doenload Modem Link
You should get the following screen when you’re done, so pay attention to the Option selections:
5. Now click on the big Start button, and let the Odin tool run its magic. It should take a few minutes. Once it’s done, you’ll get the screen below. Make sure you let it run fully, uninterrupted until you get the green “Pass!” box like in the screen below!
6. Once you’ve seen the green “PASS!” notification like the one in the screen above, where there’s no failed notification, which means it’s successful! By now, if you look at the Tab, it would have rebooted itself. It should be rebooting into the stock Samsung JQ1 ROM. Please let it boot completely.

4.Thats all.
5.If you doing this for first time,please search for videos in youtube regarding this thing or do it with someone who experienced in Android Flash thing


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