How to Dual-Boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04

Hey guys,it's been quite long I did not post anything.I have been involve in a big program which is KICT Festival.It's a awesome experience to learn new things and to face many challenges.So,today I was a committee for a program which is FOSS DAY(Free Open Source Day).

At the end of program,we had a workshop which is installing Linux OS in participant laptop.The OS is Ubuntu 12.04.(The latest one.Sort 12.10 beta 2).So,I will share with you a video that I found to guide you.(Many of my friends had a difficult time to install Ubuntu,thats why I do this tutorial)

Good Luck in trying it out.

First download The Ubuntu from this link 
Get an empty cd or dvd OR use a pendrive to install ubuntu.(Make sure your thumbdrive size is at least 4GB)

To burn ubuntu in cd rom (click here)
Create bootable usb (Click here)

Watch the video to understand how to install..




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