Who is terrorist?

Today The International Media Specially Western Media They Are Saying That..."All Muslims Are Not Terrorist But All Terrorist Are Muslim."

But If You Go Back To The History Of The World You Will Find 100% Falsehood In This Statement.
For Example, In The History Of The World Who Has Killed Maximum Innocent Human Beings?????

1) "Hitler"
Do You Know Who Was He?????
He Was A Christian!!
But Media Will Never Say That Christians Are Terrorist!!!!!

2)Joseph Stalin Called As Uncle Joe
"He Has Killed 20 Million Human Beings Including 14.5 Million Were Starved To Death"
Was He Muslim??

4) Mao Tse Tsung (China)
"He Has Killed 14 To 20 Million Human Beings."
Was He Muslim??

5) Benito Mussolini (Italy)
"He Has Killed 400 Thousand Human Being.
Was He Muslim??

6) Ashoka
"In Kalinga Battle He Has Killed 100 Thousand Human Being.
Was He Muslim??

7) Embargo Put By
George Bush
In Iraq 1/2 Million Children Has Been Killed In Iraq Alone!!!
Imagine This People Are Never Called Terrorist By The Media.

And Added

When America takes 1 million lives in Iraq for oil: Muslims?
When India kills 5 lakh people in Kashmir , Rapped their women: Muslims?
When Serbs rape Muslim women inKosovo/Bosnia: Muslims?
When Russians kill 200,000 Chechens in bombings: Muslims?
When Jews kick out Palestinians and take their land: Muslims?
When American drones kill entire family in Afghanistan/ Pakistan: Muslims?
When Israel kills 10,000 Lebanese civilians due to 2 missing soldiers: Muslims?

When Muslims retaliate and show you how you treat us:

It seems like the word
"Terrorism" is only reserved for Muslims.

There are millions and millions of Muslims all over the world since centuries, if Islam encourage Terrorism and killing the innocence, everyone will be dead!

Today The Majority Of The Non Muslims Are Afraid By Hearing The Words "Jihad"

Jihad Is An Arabic Word Which Comes From Root Arabic Word"Jahad" Which Means "To Strive" Or "To Struggle"
"To Strive Or Struggle" Against Evil And For Justice, It Does Not Mean Killing Innocents ,The Difference is We Stand Against Evil , Not With Evil"

copied from :Muslims are not Terrorist !!!

Installing windows 8

Huhu,at last Windows 8 officially released.Managed to get Original Windows 8 from IIUM Dreamspark.
So what i did?
Well,because of Windows 8 still new in town,I am sure not many of the software that I installed in my laptop will work perfectly in windows 8 especially GAMES.So,I decided to do dual-boot installation.And guess what,it tooks  me around 10 minutes to install windows 8.So fast la!!!.

This is the picture I taken from my Galaxy Tab.Sorry for low quality.

created a separate partition for windows 8
choose boot from USB

first screen
 read more to see more pictures


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