Trip to India

Well, for the last 3 weeks of my 3 month of my semester break, I have decided to visit my grandparents in India and also enjoy my time there. But turn out it become a sad trip. As it turn out, my grandfather is checked-in at a hospital in ICU due to not feeling well during my first day in India. It seems that he had some sort of internal bleeding in his brain but he managed to recovered from it. And after that another new problem arises whereby he had difficulties in breathing. So he have to transfer to another hospital at Chennai to aid his health due to not enough facilities to cure my grandfather problem. But thanks to Allah. On my last 3 days in India,My grandfather show some improvement in his health,getting recover in good pace.

Not a good story to hear eh? I know. But throughout this trip, I have observe myself and people around me.
Thing I learned is that.

1. Always be grateful for what Allah have give you.
2. Do good deeds before you fall sick.
3. Save some money for future needs. We don't what will happen on that time.
4. Love the people who still around you. You wont meet them again if they die.
5. Get adapt to a place quickly. Don't show off that you are Malaysian guy in other people place. Just stay low.

What about pictures?
Well,most of the pictures i took, I upload at my Instagram. So,feel free to check at there.
here is the link


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