Need for speed Most Wanted 2

Yeah,I am not joking.Ready yourself with gaming console on October 30  2012.
Need for Speed Most Wanted will make you less study and play till the end.Then continue back to
Actually it is a remake version of Old Need For Speed Most wanted.And this time it is developed by Criterion Games.Well,I gonna try borrow my high-end friend laptop to play the game!..ahahha

This is the trailer.Enjoy and Comment.This is the link for official website


This is the gameplay.Not gonna be easy i think

Siapakah wanita ini

Sekiranya anda pembaca tegar laman web 9gag,anda kenali orang ini. Lebih dikenali sebagai "Creepy Girl"
Aku pun cuak tengok dia.
Gambar beliau diambil dari videonya bertajuk "JB FanVideo-Girlfriend".Ini video dia

Ok,nama dia ialah Laina Walker. Ni page FB dia.

Inside Apple Factory at China

No wonder the iPhone,iPad and other Apple product is expensive.Most of it is hand by made.Like Lamborghini and Ferari.Watch this video,I want your point of view about workers at this Foxconn factory

Google Office

In this video,I share with with video about Our favorite search engine which Google.Do you have their office looks like.Seriously,it is insane and awesome.

Facebook Server Room

Almost everday we sit infront our PC/laptop in facebook.But have you ever wondered how the facebook company keep our own data?.Of course they used a server to keep all our data.But how about the other people who have facebook account around the earth?.Well,the answer is simple.Keep in server but in large scale.Please watch video's about of facebook server room.First part is overview of facebook data center and second video is about facebook server room.It is so noisy!!!..First video and second video is very related.You will know the technology used to maintain the server in second video

First Part

Second Part

photoshop tahap dewa

What I meant "photoshop tahap dewa" is photoshop: expert level not dont argue with me aqidah matters.Based on this video,I think he used Brush tool,transform,overlay,reduce visibility,gradients and others things that I dont know.If you know please comment.

This person create this image in Photoshop CS6 in 4hours 17min with 274 layers.Wow.Serius Awesome
If you want this  image as your wallpaper,go to this link
His name is Alexander Koshelkov.
Enjoy the video.

call of duty black ops 2

OMG on this November,it is the release of COD Black Ops 2.
ON Call Of Duty Black Ops it was set on vietnam war
but IN Call of Duty Black Ops 2,it is set on future time.Where the army use less human and more robotic machine to fight against the enemies

Watch the trailer first and then the gameplay.But sadly,I think i cant play this game.My laptop is not gonna support the high graphics. T.T

This is the gameplay shown during the E3 conference(It is a gaming conference)
Well enjoy!!!

What is Tabligh

MashaAllah a good video that explains about tabligh and some misconception about the tabligh jamaah.Please feel free to listen.If you disagree some of the point,feel free to comment.


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