15 websites to look jobs in Malaysia

If you reading this post,means you really want to look for a job because you just graduated or want to look for new place to work. Let me save your time on searching for websites to apply and in mean time make your CV look awesome.

1. https://www.linkedin.com/
Sign up to linkedin. Make a good profile of yourself & search position that you wanted in the search field which located on top of the linkedin website.

All the best in finding a job. Just email your CV to more than 100 companies.

MIT GSL 2014 Malaysia

Yeah, I have join as first batch for MIT Global Startup Lab Malaysia. Tak percaya ?. This is profile link.

Its a new experience for me to join a 7 week of startup bootcamp by balancing my self with Ramadhan challenges and crazy stuff throughout the journey. But it do help me a lot for learning on starting a startup

Basically what is this program all about?


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