MIT GSL 2014 Malaysia

Yeah, I have join as first batch for MIT Global Startup Lab Malaysia. Tak percaya ?. This is profile link.

Its a new experience for me to join a 7 week of startup bootcamp by balancing my self with Ramadhan challenges and crazy stuff throughout the journey. But it do help me a lot for learning on starting a startup

Basically what is this program all about?

It is a program that train students to learn about starting a startup and managing it. We learn about programming such as DJango ,Python & Android and also we learn about entrepreneurship. But most of all we learn about how to do 60s pitch and one-sentence word. Its kinda complicated to put proper sentences for your idea to impress people in short time so that they like your idea especially the judges and investors.

Our trainers?
4 lovely people who came long way from US. Ellen,Cole,Wesley and also Kayla. Friendly and motivated to teach us everyday throughout 7 weeks.

Throughout the Bootcamp, we had few field trips to get some exposure on local startups and few sharing session with local startup founder/co-founder.

At the end of the bootcamp, we come up our own apps and had pitching session to present our idea and business plan about it. Tough judges but we can see how good our idea is.

So overall,it was a good experience and exposure on tough things is.

Here is some pictures that I took through out the event. Hope you like it.

Best Project Award. Congrats RunningBus

Classroom in MDEC, nice coffee!

We learn how to pitch
Some sessions with the local startups

A sharing session with MyTeksi. We are inspired
Brainstorm session
Buka Puasa with Wesley. He enjoyed Murtabak Ayam

Wesley the dart master

Facilitator tried out Durian. Amazing
designing db


Short trip to event

1337 Accelerator Visit

After Present

Last Day Chill Out

I have alot of pictures. But I feel this is just good enough. Hehehe.



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