Tengok Astro Live Streaming

Alhamdulillah aku dah jumpa cara nak Live Stream channel yang ada di dalam Astro.
Just pi website ini.Pilih link channel yang awak nak tengok.And enjoy...
PS:// Kalau Internet Speed lebih 1Mb,smooth sikit.Dinasihatkan tidak pakai wifi..takut buffer.
By the way,semua ini adalah benar,aku tak troll ye..

ini link website vecast

kalau nak tgk channel non-astro seperti TV1,TV2,TV3,TV ALHIJRAH,also korean tv..
feel free to go to this website 1Malaysia IPTV

GoNote Android Netbook

This is my first time I heard a netbook that running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich as an Operating System.
I think this will be a good alternative for the parents who wanted to buy low cost tablet for their children who study in schools.It will be good for the education purpose.So,that they wont play games or facebooking all the time.Lol.So,what the difference with GoNote and normal tablet?.Lets check the features first.By the way,it screen size is 10' inch.The price is $235(RM 735.00).Is it worthy to buy?
 • 1.2GHz ARM Rockchip RK2918 CPU
• Low-power, mobile processor
• Discrete HD graphics processing
• 1GB RAM DDR3 (depending on model)
• 8GB onboard Storage** expandable via Micro SD Card Slot (maximum 32GB)
• Internal Speaker
• VGA Front Camera- for Hangouts and Skype video calls
• 4 x USB 2.0 Ports – high-speed file transfer
• Mini HDMI v1.3 Port – output HD videos to your TV
Micro SD Card Slot - expand your storage (max 32GB)
• 3.5mm Audio Port – play music to earphones or speakers
• 3.5mm Mic Input- use a microphone to record Audio
• Expandable via Micro SD Card Slot
• Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery
• 9000mAH 3.7V Capacity
• Internet Browsing ~6 Hours
• Standby Time ~1 week
• Wi-Fi Internet Enabled
• 802.11 b/g/n high speed wireless (requires Wi-Fi boardband access)
• RJ45 Ethernet ‘cable’ Broadband Input

So,what the difference with tablet? NOTHING!
Why,If you check Asus Transformer Prime tablet.It has detachable keyboard whereby you can take it off or put it back when you needed.But GoNote,it is just a netbook and uses Android as an OS,so you cannot install windows in it or do dual-boot.Besides that,the hardware used in GoNote is somehow same in normal tablet.

But what is interesting here is the battery can last longer than normal tablet(more than 5 hours).It has touchscreen.On top of that,you can edit or create office document in Android for real.I usually just read powerpoint slide in my android phone.But this will be great experience to do assignments in Android environment.

Last but not least,the problems that possible occur that is admitted by the company itself which is
• No GPS*
• No embedded 3G*
• No G Sensor – eg tilt racing games will not work.
• GoNote is Android only- you cant install Windows OS.
• No access to Buy or Stream Movies via Google Play
• Not all apps are compatible with GoNote and Android 4.
• You need a Wi-Fi broadband network to connect to the internet.
*Some USB devices may be compatible. Third party devices are not supported by our Helpdesk, and we cannot offer compatibility advice.

In conclusion I can say this NetBook is somehow same like ChormeBook.Just different OS but same concept. 

How to create basic Android app?

At last,I learn how to create a simple Android application..3 days I sit in front of my laptop,searching in Google for tutorial's and understand the tutorial I found.Out of all tutorials in Internet only 2 tutorials I managed to understand.So,I try n error to building an app by applying what i learned from these two tutorials.Not perfect but close enough.Before I show you the website of the tutorial,here is the screenshot of the app I made.(Not for showing off,but to show that anyone can do it.it is simple!)click the image to view clearly.

result is shown using Android Emulator

Designing the interface.so easy

Java coding part.Quite confuse earlier,then slowly understand somehow.

So,now how to create a basic android app.First of all,I forgot to mention that I not gonna show how to do it,but I share the link where I learned and also the tutorial videos..I recommend you to watch the tutorial videos FIRST,then read the tutorial from the 2nd link I gave.

Basically,this tutorial is suitable for those who have experience in programming.So,non programmers try use MIT App Inventor

Video Tutorial -from The New Boston.
Please watch videos from episode 1-10.

Website Tutorial

New Counter Strike game version

I have played CS1.6 , CS Condition Zero & CS Source...But now I am waiting  for the latest version of CS and to play with other guyz in Cyber Cafe..Watch the trailer..Serius Awesome..Credit to Amanz.my..The latest version CS name is CS Global Offensive

Btw,Today is release date(21st August 2012)

This is the video I found in YouTube during the lauch..you can see the gameplay

Kenapa ramai suka Internet Meme

Aku sure ramai pernah lihat character ini aka troll meme.

ataupun meme berikut dalam web browser anda.

Apa yang banyak saya fikir dalam otak saya ialah bagaimana ramai orang manusia di bumi ini suka terhadap comic/lawak orang lidi ini ?
Ketika waktu 'childhood' saya,kalau saya lukis orang lidi,means tak pandai lukis la.Kalau dapat lukis mickey mouse or other cartoon character,boleh dikatakan hebat.

Tapi sejak kebelakangan ini,banyak facebook page,blog,website dibuat dan kandungannya penuh dengan lawak komik orang lidi ini atau senang kata 'meme'.

Setelah beberapa lama duduk depan laptop dan membaca website/blog/page fb,gelak ketawa,tanpa hiraukan masa yang berlalu dengan laju.Sekarang,saya sedar kenapa ia awesome dan ramai sukakannya.

Senang je jawapan dia.
  • lawaknya kebanyakkan berlaku pada kehidupan harian kita
  • format dalam bentuk komik,memudahkan pembaca baca ikut flow cerita.
  • cerita tak complex
  • anda boleh buat comic meme itu sendiri,i am not joking!.You can create your own meme/meme comic
  • lawak terus terang,orang tua,budak tadika pun faham
Btw,aku selalu baca lawak meme kat 9gag.But beware you soul will be taken.LOL.

Kalau nak tambah pendapat atau kritik,feel free to comment.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

To all my muslim follower's.Eid Mubarak

Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 to Android 4.0

Yeah,I finally managed to do it.Experience yourself using Android 4.0-Ice Cream Sandwich by installing custom rom CynogenMod 9. Just follow these simple tutorials.And walla! your GT-P1000 galaxy tab 7 is using ICS..wohoo
By the way,it is stable,no bug(no problem).Better Performance than gingerbread version(Android 2.3)..no battery problem.

So if you thinking to upgrade,do it on your own risk.Try do together with someone who is experienced with all these rooting,flash rom stuff.

First of all,download all these files first.
1. ROOT Package File - http://www.mediafire.com/?y4eze0s4316oee8
[Password - "vio"]

2. CyanogenMod 9 RC1 Package File - http://www.mediafire.com/?aui72ej3oi01v8n
[Password - "vio"]

Then,just follow the steps mention in this videos.Good Luck

Still not believe it is working,watch the review here

All the best.


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