Cendol Wahab

Ahhhh.For Malaysian's,Cendol is one of the favorite local food.Icy and sweetness can be feel when we say about cendol.So,usually me and my friends like to go a restaurant at least once a month to relax and enjoy ourselves.So,we go to Restoran Wahab's Cendol.

What is most interesting in this Restaurant is that,they provide many kinds of cendol.Such as cendol jagung,cendol durian,cendol ice-cream,and etc.Besides that,their Mee Goreng,Char Keuy Teow,Mee Kari is Awesome.I give A+.Lol. The price I can say quite Ok la.Kalau pi sekali sekala,takpa kan?. As long the food is good. The location is near Jusco Wangsa Maju @ Rampai Business Park.Here's the map.

Coordinate 3.199301,101.729127

click image to view in large scale
These are other pictures I take at the restoran.Sorry for did not take the owners photo.To recognise him,is easy,just check at the counter.They guy with white beard and white kopiah.Simple right,hahahha

a happy customer

original Wahab's Mee Kari and cendol biasa


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