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"tutorial to build Android App with phonegap"
"HTML5 Android app phonegap"
"how to build android app with phonegap"

For the past few months I am searching at Google on how to create an android app with HTML5 with phonegap framework. But i am not satisfy with the tutorials to start. But with the patience and help from God. I found some tutorial at least to learn the basic part. Maybe later with try and error, I hope I can build a good android HTML5 app with Phonegap framework. By the way, you may wondering what is Phonegap framework? . Well watch this video to understand more.

phonegap picture explanation.

So that is Phonegap Framework. Now where is the tutorial?
Well, I just share with you the link that I think is good start for developing our skill in building mobile applications. This is for Android version. iOS i dont know. Sorry if you are iOS developer.

5. PDF tutorial for Android & iOS

Tutorial to setup phonegap in Ubuntu in Android Sdk

If you are Ubuntu user like me and using android studio. Still blur how to start the project. No worries. I manage to find out how it works. Just follow this steps.
1. click link no.6 . In this tutorial,do all the steps until the steps show "build the project".
2. Now click this link. Just follow the steps.(ignore first step,start immediately with Import project when you open Android Studio)

This is the screenshot from my Ubuntu and run phonegap app with Android Studio Emulator

If you have any link or documents or questions, feel free to share with me in the comment section so that other reader who are searching for this knowledge can get benefit from you. :) cheers. Have a good day


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