Pay things with your smartphone

In upcoming future,i think i will just bring my wallet,filled with business cards,id's,train tickets,and etc.Do you know,if your phone have NFC(near field communication) you just pay things that you wanted to buy with your phone.Awesome rite?
Well here some video's to make you understand about it.

Tips to improve LAN cable speed

Since I am "Kaki Download",love to download things. So,i always consider my Internet Speed to download a file in short time. Usually,i download stuff in my university lab.They provide good speed plus I used the LAN Internet connection to download. I face many problem during download.And I dont know why,maybe because of peak hour,RJ45 cable problem,server down,etc.

But here some tips to fix your slow connection especially using RJ45 cable

What to do in Internet?

Seriously, everytime when I am at my hometown during my holidays.I always faced this dilema which is what to do in Internet.So boring!!!!!!!!!
Is like there is nothing in YouTube,facebook,twitter,instagram,etc.

 I am out of option on what to do in Internet World.I know Internet is big Virtual World but dont know what to do with that awesome technologies.

Well,during my school times,in the Internet i used to play miniclips,friendster,download stuff,and etc.
But now,it somehow changes.How?

Well,now i surf facebook,twitter,blogging,webstagram(instagram in web),youtube,and etc.Still downloading(kaki download,biasa lah)

But I managed to find myself how to use Internet to avoid being bored.
I found a website.It list down on what to do in Internet when you are bored.And I found out it really helps me out.You should try.

Well,here is the link

Thats all for now.Enjoy

What is education?

Well guys and girls, its hard to tell in academic words. For me education is a process to equip a person with skills and information to face daily challenge. The purpose is not for getting high marks in class.But be able to teach/explain to other when asked about something.

Well,I found a video in YouTube about education.Its worth to watch.


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