About Me

yeap thats me.

My name is Mohamed Firdaus Bin Shajahan . Still single. A young Indian Muslim teenager and an IT Student. Currently taking degree in a local University in Malaysia. 

Basically, I am not a geek but may have some geek-like thinking as some of my friend claiming about.
I like any matters that is related to web design & development, e-commerce, minimalist design, photography, DIY & Linux stuff.  

What about Anime? 
Well, I do watch them but no time to follow up all the episodes. 

I love cycling, swimming, & cricket. Football? just watch and played long time ago. But I join if you invite me insha Allah.

Just one simple concept in my life 
1. just be simple. 
2.Talk less, work more. 
3.Don't just talk like an expert, show the action/implementation or DO IT!


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