2015 Life as Fresh Graduate

Well its been long time,I have not write a post in my blog. A lot of changes I see in this blogger platform. Nuffnang ads still running and shockingly there are people still viewing my old articles. Thats fantastic. And guess what, I am not an ICT student from International Islamic University Malaysia anymore. I am IIUM ALUMNI. Alhamdulillah.

Now as you read the title, yeah 2015 is a year that I learn alot about how painful life is. I felt cheated from what I know during my studies in University and school. "Menara Gading" bullshit, high paid salary bullshit, degree scroll will make you do better in life. Turns out it not. You work to pay your bills. WTF ? Hahaha, what a hard way I learned it. Well its all depends on what god have planned on you. But I have learn some to get me started on my new chapter of my life.

deep meaning for me
So I what I have learned so far about life apart from my technical skills.

1. Keep your circle small
Friends will come and go. There was a time you will think that this friend will be together with you till the end. Almost everyday,you guys are together. In the end, after graduation he/she will be in somewhere in a better place for that person. And you will feel left out. So what I learn? You know the answer already. 2-3 friends should be fine. Make sure your friend is reliable,not "sembang kencang". Sometimes your enemy is your friend.

2. Learn about business before start doing a full time business at least work first.
I have a thought to start a startup after my last day of my internship which is also my last day of my degree education. During the first 3 month, I start provide service to build website and apps. I do sales and result is that, I feel f*&^ed. So many things I dont know.
  • What the customer want? Are we solving the problem?.
  • Portfolio is important to convince your customer which I dont have.
  • IT tech is moving damn fast, so better catch up.
  • Be specialized in a field,not jack of all trade.
So I landed a job in a design lab. I feel grateful to GOD for giving a chance to survive and keep learning. Few things I learn about demand in IT industry. But still need to learn more. Hope enough to find a problem and solve it immediately.

3. Start saving for future.
Malaysia economy basically is screwed up. No point I am cursing at the ministers or our Prime Minister or other politicians. As normal citizen with salary just enough to survive at kl, I learn some things. Try save 10% from your salary to save money for future investment to buy house,car,marriage and etc. Food is expensive in KL,nothing can do about it. People tell me to cook. But I dont have time to cook. My housemate cook sometimes. They are also busy. But I really love my housemate when they cook. I learn some things. Like chinese style cooking. Besides that, I learn some stuff about property investment,monthly budget, and insurans.

4. Priorities
Well this something that you question everyday.
  • Is this important?
  • I have promised him,so I cannot go and blablabla
  • Stop procrastinate, finish the client request first.
  • Game/series or finish building final part of website?
And many more.  Procrastinate will hit you alot. Trust me. Is because you will eventually hate what you are doing. Need to overcome it. Its not that easy.

5. Jack of all trade
Nope, you cant be jack of all trade. Ok, this is related to my career. I actually wanted to be an app developer. And same time I love building website and want to learn big data and IoT.  You cant do everything. Stick with one thing and master it. The other thing will come along. Thats what I learn. I decide to be a web developer. As I go in this journey, making a smartphone app is possible with web technologies and as I go along, I believe I will learn something interesting. Watch this video to understand about focus and its benefit.Ignore the title of the video. VIdeo on Focus 

6. Read alot.
It really helps to build your mind and thinking style.  Not only that, it helps your decision making skill. I spend most of my time reading articles in Medium.com. It really helpful on self-help,DIY tips, lifestyle issues and etc.

7.Public transport in KL
I learn 1 thing which is KTM lines that head Batu Caves and LRT service is the best public transport that you can rely 90% in KL. The rest depends on your time management and planning.

8. Travel
The reason why we need to travel is relax our mind,put our gadgets away, and learn about other people thinking and culture and learn to appreciate on things back at our country at same time curse at our country to make it better. Hahaha. Well I went to Brunei and Singapore actually. Already tought to migrate, but still deep in my heart, Malaysia still need us because we are the one who bring better future to Malaysia.

9. Move On
This two words I need to practise on whatever things happen. When I found a problem, I need to search a solution and move on with it. Nother been easier in this life. Recently I regret on many things based on decision that I have made. Sometimes I wish I can travel back in time to change my decision. But no point regret about it.It is better to move on and pray for the best.

10.Be grateful on how you are now
All what I can say is be thankful and happy with the blessings that GOD have given to us. We eat maggi, nasi goreng biasa with telur mata, thosai,roti canai almost everyday while other eat at hipster cafe,eating luxury food, & high price food. Just ignore and eat what we have. Dont complain. There are some people could not afford to eat.

I go to work by public transport and I don't have own transport like car or motorcycle. I just ignore and happy at least I can go work with the public transport.

While I am in LRT, when the station reach KLCC or Ampang Park. Some of the them so proud displaying the company Staff ID and wear expensive clothes. Screw it, who are they without that company name? . You are just nobody.

11. Instagram is a good places to keep memories and measure yourselves.
If you have Instagram, look at the picture that you have posted. You can determine whether , are you getting better or worse on your daily lifestyle. You can determine your life progress. What about mine? I can say I don't have a life. T.T

So,you have read on what I learn this year but I have a question that makes me deep tought for a while after a good friend of mine asked me. What is your next 5 years plan? Immediately, I feel blank and don't know what to answer. This is serious. Imagine a life without a goal. Imagine you die without a legacy left behind. This is an important issue to think about.

Let me end this post with question for all of us to think about.
Good day folks.



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