2015 Life as Fresh Graduate

Well its been long time,I have not write a post in my blog. A lot of changes I see in this blogger platform. Nuffnang ads still running and shockingly there are people still viewing my old articles. Thats fantastic. And guess what, I am not an ICT student from International Islamic University Malaysia anymore. I am IIUM ALUMNI. Alhamdulillah.

Now as you read the title, yeah 2015 is a year that I learn alot about how painful life is. I felt cheated from what I know during my studies in University and school. "Menara Gading" bullshit, high paid salary bullshit, degree scroll will make you do better in life. Turns out it not. You work to pay your bills. WTF ? Hahaha, what a hard way I learned it. Well its all depends on what god have planned on you. But I have learn some to get me started on my new chapter of my life.

deep meaning for me
So I what I have learned so far about life apart from my technical skills.


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