How to learn using Adobe After Effect

Well,I'm sure many of you know what is this logo means.Just like Photoshop,this is logo for adobe after effect. Adobe After Effect is a software to add effect in your video like shooting,dragon ball effect,hulk effect,and etc.Watch this video to see the application of After Effect.

So,I am IT student.I think I need to learn this also for my skills.I still learning on how to use this software.I have asked around from my senior's and friends on how they learn after effect.This is what they shared to me.

For me this guy,is a Xifu for After Effect.He knows many things in after effects.  Just click on the link.This website provide basic training and also tutorial for the effects.So learn the basic first.

2.AE tutsplus
Well they provide,many nice effects and also tutorials step by step with pictures.

How Youtube can teach us?.Well just search "after effect tutorial".There are some awesome guys will teach their effects. I searched "Modern Warfare after effect",there is also people did tutorial for the text.Try one. Futhermore,you search effect based on movies like Thor,the expendables,or sherlock holmes.Wow...

I have another method which is shared by my senior which is learning by editing the After Effect templates.So since I learn the basics,InshaAllah I gonna try this one.

why people like to use instagram

Actually I have just started using this application for my tablet and my smartphone.
It is a nice application.So what is Instagram and why everyone likes to use this app?

Well,what I found from their website:
"Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Snap a photo with your mobile phone, then choose a filter to transform the image into a memory to keep around forever. We're building Instagram to allow you to experience moments in your friends' lives through pictures as they happen. We imagine a world more connected through photos."

What I can say is that it is like using twitter but instead you tweet some words,you just upload some photos.You can express your feeling in photos and share it with your friends.So,in conclusion it is photo social media.(You can correct me if I'm wrong).Beside that,you can edit the picture to give more effect and make it awesome.Photoshop users love this.

Well,basically what you do with this app is, take the picture with this app
2.edit the photo with apply some filters.You can give effect like in DSLR's and many interesting option.s
3.Post the picture and add some caption to it.
4.Like you friends uploaded pictures/comment the pictures
5.Note that like twitter,you can follow other people and there are people will follow you.

How to eat cupcake properly

When anyone give me a cupcake to eat,I always wonder how to eat properly with manners and not messy.So,I found out in YouTube.Lets watch and learn together.

Tutorial to upgrade Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 into Jelly Bean 4.1.2

At last I managed to upgrade my galaxy tab from Android Gingerbread -> Jelly Bean.Awesome rite?

It was running smooth,no problem.all running fine.Battery power is good.
So,How I did it? .Well,I just foolow the instructions from the tutorial I watch.

Before you begin,make sure you have root your tab.
How to do it?
Download these files first. ROOT password: vio

This is the tutorial video
If you have rooted. Just download these file for JellyBean ROM. By the way,this is a custom rom,not officially from Samsung. Custom Rom name is CyanogenMod 10 Jelly bean Nightly mode


This is the tutorial video.

This is the screenshot I take when I was doing this process. ^.^

All the best for trying it out.

Make your bicyle look like TRON light cycle

Have you ever wondered how to make a TRON light cycle?

Well,I have an idea and I gonna do it for my bicycle.
Its very simple. Just need an LED.That's all? Simple rite?
Actually this hacks usually applicable during night time.
This is how it gonna be at the end

wow..I think this guy take this picture using long exposure with DSLR

SUPER EASY to setup.You just need to put the LED at the wheel valve (tiub tayar).
So,where to buy?
I bought from a person in Her name is Intan.
Just cost around RM12 (2 led) + RM6 postal fee. It comes with 5 colors.So you choose one.
Interested? Just go the her blogshop

This is how the LED looks like

(only 1 light not like the video)

I will post later about my bicycle at night.InshaAllah :)

Happy New Year 2013

Wow,that was fast.Goodbye 2012 and welcome 2013.
So,what happen in 2013. Well,Gangnam Style,Android Jelly Bean,iOS 6,Olympics,A guy fall from the sky,my house got renovated,my uncle got married,and so on.
Don't forget about the apocalypse hoax.

I have no 2013 wish things but just a hope. I hope this year I discover something good about me, new beneficial knowledge, new technology to solve humanity complex problems, and continuing developing myself as good Muslim.

I found a video in YouTube that show you in 2:46 about what amazing things happen in 2012.
Let's watch together


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