How to learn using Adobe After Effect

Well,I'm sure many of you know what is this logo means.Just like Photoshop,this is logo for adobe after effect. Adobe After Effect is a software to add effect in your video like shooting,dragon ball effect,hulk effect,and etc.Watch this video to see the application of After Effect.

So,I am IT student.I think I need to learn this also for my skills.I still learning on how to use this software.I have asked around from my senior's and friends on how they learn after effect.This is what they shared to me.

For me this guy,is a Xifu for After Effect.He knows many things in after effects.  Just click on the link.This website provide basic training and also tutorial for the effects.So learn the basic first.

2.AE tutsplus
Well they provide,many nice effects and also tutorials step by step with pictures.

How Youtube can teach us?.Well just search "after effect tutorial".There are some awesome guys will teach their effects. I searched "Modern Warfare after effect",there is also people did tutorial for the text.Try one. Futhermore,you search effect based on movies like Thor,the expendables,or sherlock holmes.Wow...

I have another method which is shared by my senior which is learning by editing the After Effect templates.So since I learn the basics,InshaAllah I gonna try this one.



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