Annoying advestisement blocker

I hate the ads whenever I saw it.If good nevermind la,but all anoying sexy lady are there.MY EYES BURN!!!
So,I search ads-blocker for my web browser.This what I found.

For Google chrome use this(Make sure install latest version of Google Chrome)

Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer 7&above

Overall,I satisfied with the Ad-Blocker used in Mozilla,Google Chrome,and IE.
Download just takes few minutes.And you will enjoy a safer browser.Good Luck in trying it out.

Adding the slider thing on your blog

If you observe in Top websites,or company websites,there must be a thing will slide and show some content.What is that? and How do they do it?.To do it,first of all you need to know what it is called.They call it as Jquery Slider.They are many example of it.Click here if you want to see the demo to get some ideas of it.

If you want to put Jquery Slider in your blog,there are three option.

1.Find the blog template with Jquery Slider feature. HERE or search in google

2.Code by yourself.Thats what I did. I take the tutorial from here.It is very easy.Everyone can do it.
    PS:If the slider not fit on your blog size(if too big/small).Change the width.Just Ctrl+F,type PX.Just try and   error,then preview,dont apply/save template,when tweaking on you blog.
There is a website that I like to go,and they have the tutorial.
    (If you design your own blog template,I suggest use the above link.)

3.Software.Have not try it yet.Click HERE

Well,thats all.Life is simple.Its not that hard when you know it.


just playing around youtube some funny videos,just saw keyword mamak,then I search la...I saw this two funny song about mamak...Mamak great ka?


Google fall down!!

Well this what I did,go to google homepage
Type google gravity,then click I'm feeling lucky
You will a google UK,after few seconds,it will collapse...

When Tamil mix with "LA"

After I managed finish my first midsem exam,Me and my friends went outside to mamak restaurant,forgot the name,together with my friends from UIA PJ.Long time never meet them.So we chit chat alot along the way to restaurant.Talk about maths and bla3.And we sat in the restaurant.
  The first thing running in our mind is what to eat?. Naan? Mee Goreng? Roti Canai?.While wondering around the menu,an indian guy waiter come to our table and ask what to eat.Ok now this waiter is not MADE IN MALAYSIA,but imported from INDIA.Take note of it.Read the dialogue,MIX with tamil...

Waiter:What would you like to drink?
Friend 1: errr,Ais Kosong ne.
Friend 2: Anne,Barli suam onne(onne means one in tamil).
Friend 3: MILO AIS
Me:Air Suam,ne
Friend 4: MILO AIS

Waiter: Se'ri,enna saperingge? (Ok,what do u want to eat?)
During that time,we were buzy in our conversation,
Friend 4:arr,nasi goreng
Me: French fries ne.
Friend 3: Roti Canai
Friend 2: Roti Canai
Friend 1:ne,Butter Thosai irrukka?(do you have butter thosai?)
Waiter:IRRUKKU LA!!!!!!(GOT LA!!!)

With a split second all of us who buzy with our conversation,all turned and look at him,and started to zoom at the waiter.Because the way he said is with full confident and with "LA"...


Barbican is a name of a drink.How it is look like?
Ok now look at the picture below..

What is your first impression about this? Beer? 
Ok,lets look the content.

sorry not clear

Well it may look like alcoholic beer,but its not.There is no content of Alcohol....It's just the design of the bottle that looks like beer.You know what they called? Non-Alcoholic Beer.Look at the picture

It taste strong.Taste like Redbull somehow.And release a lot of burp from my stomach.So,if you feel your stomach is FULL,just drink it.hahahahahaha. 

About this drink,It is kinda famous in my campus & mostly the arab guy drink it.So why not to try it.My friend belanja.LOL.

Easy way to learn PHOTOSHOP

Well this post is based from my experience how I learn photoshop aka PSD.I didnt go any workshop outside there but just went to 1day workshop in UIA.Just ok la.I learn and get some idea of it.

How I learn photoshop?.Well this is what I do...
One thing only,I go to Youtube and watch  tutorials.

Based on my experience,this is easiest way,this what you should try if you wanted to.

1.Install the Photoshop,and get to know the tools name !.
This is important,whenever you watch a tutorial,you might blur on what they guy said,such as gradient,crop,and etc.There is a link that you might understand.Click HERE
Watch this video,Its a beginner tutorial for photoshop.

2.Try to do some effect on text.
You will learn almost 45% of photoshop,by just playing with the text.Watch/dowload this video.           

3.Then,I just go to Youtube,watch the tutorial about design Tshirts,banners and blog headers.Alhamdulillah,with some practice and follow the guide,I manage to learn somehow...

Just type what you want to do in photoshop.You get it.Try it.Walla... lets try this or this
By the way,if  you save your design it will save in PSD.And you can find many template that save in PSD format.For here..

5.Finally,You just need patient.Because It will long time to master.It takes me almost 1 semester.Just to understand,still not pro la.Just rookie.I share what I know.Life is Simple LA.....
This happen when you Photoshop for bad purpose,so use it wisely.All da best

    IIUM gombak first sem experience

      From 8th DEC 2010 till 11th APRIL fast time past by.A lot things I experienced.From room to surroundings.On my first impression,I thought it is a big campus and I cannot go to my class by walking,I need a bicycle,at the end,its not true.Maybe needed for students who live Hostel Salahuddin/Bilal/Uthman.All I can say that,I am happy with it.But what I like about IIUM is the mosque.Below are the pictures of the mosque..more details click here.
    inside of it.
    the main entrance

    The mosque,masya-Allah.its is beautiful and live with amal of quran recitation and sunnah prayers.Futhermore,it is peaceful place in IIUM/UIA..

    The library is like a garden in middle of forest.Everywhere there is books,and full of people reading,doing research,borrowing and study at there.But I have a problem.Every hour I need to go to toilet.Its so cold......Besides that,I have no comment about provided facilities.

    The class? well okla.guess what during the first week I was lost in the department in searching of my class.Its like a maze for me.To find the class.But thanks to Allah,Allah guide me,by showing to 2 beautiful sister
    MSN Onion Emoticons.I asked the class location,and manage to go to class,and it makes me first time late to the class during first sem.Late about 30min.LOL 

    Cafeteria,My hostel cafeteria is the best.Cafe NorAzah aka cafe Mahallah Ali..
    From Somalia to tomyam.Mcm2 Ado....
    Somalia food is the best for me.Plus I always drink Yogurt that provided by the somalia stall.just Rm1.20 only.sedap je.My friend label it as jom"moore adikiran"..


    Alhamdulillah,after few days searching nice template and ideas for this new blog.
    I manage to make it.

    Whats the purpose for this blog? well if you see my previous blog 6bone91,for me its kinda messed up.If you observe my post,beginning its all about tech,then crap,lastly about me.What happen la?

    I just sat down and think.I decided to shut it down,and open a new blog,all about life.How to make it simple.That is why I choose the domain life is simple la!. Why the "la" need to be included?.

    An incident happen together with me and my friends in mamak restaurant.I share about it in another post.That's why I put "la" in the domain.
    Onion Icon....

    Futhermore,LIFE IS SIMPLE LA!!! is my motto....
    Follow me if you wish to keep update about me and life...wish me good luck...


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