IIUM gombak first sem experience

  From 8th DEC 2010 till 11th APRIL 2011.so fast time past by.A lot things I experienced.From room to surroundings.On my first impression,I thought it is a big campus and I cannot go to my class by walking,I need a bicycle,at the end,its not true.Maybe needed for students who live Hostel Salahuddin/Bilal/Uthman.All I can say that,I am happy with it.But what I like about IIUM is the mosque.Below are the pictures of the mosque..more details click here.
inside of it.
the main entrance

The mosque,masya-Allah.its is beautiful and live with amal of quran recitation and sunnah prayers.Futhermore,it is peaceful place in IIUM/UIA..

The library is like a garden in middle of forest.Everywhere there is books,and full of people reading,doing research,borrowing and study at there.But I have a problem.Every hour I need to go to toilet.Its so cold......Besides that,I have no comment about provided facilities.

The class? well okla.guess what during the first week I was lost in the department in searching of my class.Its like a maze for me.To find the class.But thanks to Allah,Allah guide me,by showing to 2 beautiful sister
MSN Onion Emoticons.I asked the class location,and manage to go to class,and it makes me first time late to the class during first sem.Late about 30min.LOL 

Cafeteria,My hostel cafeteria is the best.Cafe NorAzah aka cafe Mahallah Ali..
From Somalia to tomyam.Mcm2 Ado....
Somalia food is the best for me.Plus I always drink Yogurt that provided by the somalia stall.just Rm1.20 only.sedap je.My friend label it as jom"moore adikiran"..
Mahallah(hostel) I like it,staying on first floor.But I hate the toilet.Full of cigarette.You know where? Dekat jamban!!! Nak Berak pun susah.Orang tepi rokok.%^&%*&.buat tensyen je....Onion Emoticon Set...

Girls? Well....everyday they always challenges my IMAN,not me only but almost all males being tested.My god,they are very beautiful especially the bosnians,arabs,and bla3...But I am feel so sorry for them because of this (look at the picture).Most of them like to cover their head using this fesyen especially the malay women.As you know,This type fesyen makes the women could not enter the jannah/heaven.May Allah give Guidance to them.

 And you know something,many of the ustaz in IIUM likes to encourage their student to get married early....
I dont know why?...I think I need to make a post about it.hehehehe.

Ok,the lecterur.I have no problem with them.Is just that,we need to adjust ourselves and keep up with their teaching styles.Some just read the slides,some use their own notes and describe briefly.So,before register the subject,check who will teach,and ask your senior how the lecterur.OK or NOT OK...then tawakkal.
I like this guy,my C++ lecterur,Sir Malik awesome!

       IIUM/UIA almost filled by foreigners,I feel liked not staying in Malaysia.Everywhere people speak ARAB,ENGLISH....Malay maybe in hostel area...Many students are from Somalia,arab countries,and also Palestin,russia,middleeast,and even comoros,Sri Lanka,Bangladesh,Pakistan,and Thailands.They are many more....It just get interesting to get know about their lifestyles,behaviour,and food.

If you want some tips in IIUM Gombak,click here,my another friend has described about it..
All the best for those who will join IIUM...

And thats all for now...


  1. SuMaiYaH said...:

    Sir MALEK !!
    I like him too.
    Nice lecturer kan?

  1. not only nice,but awesome..

  1. Anonymous said...:


    Hmm some discussions behind my back! Well, the good news is nice comments..

    Thank you guys...

    Oh yeah, "Shahjahan", the king of the earth, still remember you. You were a good student of mine, keep up..

    May Allah grant you the success here and in the hereafter.


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