Easy way to learn PHOTOSHOP

Well this post is based from my experience how I learn photoshop aka PSD.I didnt go any workshop outside there but just went to 1day workshop in UIA.Just ok la.I learn and get some idea of it.

How I learn photoshop?.Well this is what I do...
One thing only,I go to Youtube and watch  tutorials.

Based on my experience,this is easiest way,this what you should try if you wanted to.

1.Install the Photoshop,and get to know the tools name !.
This is important,whenever you watch a tutorial,you might blur on what they guy said,such as gradient,crop,and etc.There is a link that you might understand.Click HERE
Watch this video,Its a beginner tutorial for photoshop.

2.Try to do some effect on text.
You will learn almost 45% of photoshop,by just playing with the text.Watch/dowload this video.           

3.Then,I just go to Youtube,watch the tutorial about design Tshirts,banners and blog headers.Alhamdulillah,with some practice and follow the guide,I manage to learn somehow...

Just type what you want to do in photoshop.You get it.Try it.Walla... lets try this http://vandelaydesign.com/blog/design/photo-manipulation-tutorials/ or this http://vandelaydesign.com/blog/design/icon-tutorials-for-photoshop/
By the way,if  you save your design it will save in PSD.And you can find many template that save in PSD format.For example.click here..

5.Finally,You just need patient.Because It will long time to master.It takes me almost 1 semester.Just to understand,still not pro la.Just rookie.I share what I know.Life is Simple LA.....
This happen when you Photoshop for bad purpose,so use it wisely.All da best



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