Adding the slider thing on your blog

If you observe in Top websites,or company websites,there must be a thing will slide and show some content.What is that? and How do they do it?.To do it,first of all you need to know what it is called.They call it as Jquery Slider.They are many example of it.Click here if you want to see the demo to get some ideas of it.

If you want to put Jquery Slider in your blog,there are three option.

1.Find the blog template with Jquery Slider feature. HERE or search in google

2.Code by yourself.Thats what I did. I take the tutorial from here.It is very easy.Everyone can do it.
    PS:If the slider not fit on your blog size(if too big/small).Change the width.Just Ctrl+F,type PX.Just try and   error,then preview,dont apply/save template,when tweaking on you blog.
There is a website that I like to go,and they have the tutorial.
    (If you design your own blog template,I suggest use the above link.)

3.Software.Have not try it yet.Click HERE

Well,thats all.Life is simple.Its not that hard when you know it.



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