When Tamil mix with "LA"

After I managed finish my first midsem exam,Me and my friends went outside to mamak restaurant,forgot the name,together with my friends from UIA PJ.Long time never meet them.So we chit chat alot along the way to restaurant.Talk about maths and bla3.And we sat in the restaurant.
  The first thing running in our mind is what to eat?. Naan? Mee Goreng? Roti Canai?.While wondering around the menu,an indian guy waiter come to our table and ask what to eat.Ok now this waiter is not MADE IN MALAYSIA,but imported from INDIA.Take note of it.Read the dialogue,MIX with tamil...

Waiter:What would you like to drink?
Friend 1: errr,Ais Kosong ne.
Friend 2: Anne,Barli suam onne(onne means one in tamil).
Friend 3: MILO AIS
Me:Air Suam,ne
Friend 4: MILO AIS

Waiter: Se'ri,enna saperingge? (Ok,what do u want to eat?)
During that time,we were buzy in our conversation,
Friend 4:arr,nasi goreng
Me: French fries ne.
Friend 3: Roti Canai
Friend 2: Roti Canai
Friend 1:ne,Butter Thosai irrukka?(do you have butter thosai?)
Waiter:IRRUKKU LA!!!!!!(GOT LA!!!)

With a split second all of us who buzy with our conversation,all turned and look at him,and started to zoom at the waiter.Because the way he said is with full confident and with "LA"...

SO,we return to talk with each other about our studies.After 5 minutes,we see the waiter give a Roti Bakar and just go away.And I noticed it first.So,I asked my friends:
Me: hey who ordered this thing?
Friends: tak tau la..

Then my friend say: nevermind just eat it!...hahahha

Then,we received all our ordered food except Butter Thosai.
So,my friend called the waiter,ask where is butter thosai?
Then,the waiter replied: ooo,nan naliche ninge roti bakar ketingge,butter thosai illenge.(I thought you ask toast bread,no butter thosai .)...And we all started to laugh.You know why,first with full confident he say got,now no...Kmon la.

  But I dont get it why he pronounced it with "LA"?..Is it because due to influence of Malay language.I have think about myself,and it might be true.Because,when I speak Tamil to my relatives in INDIA,they always ask  why your Tamil is different,always got LA,LA,LA,LA...

Well,thats all for now...


  1. Noor Faridah said...:

    hahaha...dh biasa la guna la...even kalo akka ckp dgn cousin/sedara kat india pun guna la...pastu diorg pun dh melekat...diorg pun guna la...haha...we r truly malaysian la! thats y la we use la.... =p

  1. yup kakak,mereka pun nak terikut juga.tapi LA dia x mengena,especially OK LA!!!


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