Non-Muslim is Terrorist

I found this aticle in facebook.I found out that it is non-muslim is terrorist

When America takes 1 million livesin Iraq for oil: 
Not Terrorism.

When India kills 5 lakh people in Kashmir , Rapped their women:
Not Terrorism.

When Serbs rape Muslim women in Kosovo/Bosnia:
Not Terrorism.

When Russians kill 200,000 Chechens in bombings:
Not Terrorism

When Jews kick out Palestinians and take their land:
Not Terrorism.

When American drones kill entire family in Afghanistan/ Pakistan:
Not Terrorism

When Israel kills 10,000 Lebanese civilians due to 2 missing soldiers:
Not Terrorism

When Muslims retaliate and show you how you treat us:

It seems like the word
"Terrorism" is only
reserved for Muslims.

Spread this message
and let the world know...

Samsung Galaxy S2 vs Galaxy Nexus

Rasanya Siapa hebat ?

Friends Forever

IN tamil we say Uyir Nanban
IN Malay we say Sahabat sepanjang hayat
IN English we say Friends forever
I Found this interesting explanation @9gag

Customize blog layout

Last time,I promise to all my followers that I will show you the tutorial to customize blog layout especially the old blog template minima.Actually,I have no time to share fully the tutorial,but I share with you the link I learn to design my blog layout(as you see now)

This tutorials covers from headers,body,sidebar,and footer
Warning,it may takes a lot of your time and patience.

So,before you begin make sure you have Photoshop,internet and also create another blog,so that you can try n error at that blog,not your existing blog.


  1. Adobe Tut
  2. BlogBulk
Blog,Sidebar & Footer
  1. change width of blog
  2. blog background
  3. customize sidebar size and font
  4. customize Post Title
  5. Other things
To make you easier to find codes,press this button on your keyboard "Ctrl + F"
Also understand some CSS is an advantage.Link learn CSS
If you manage to understand the tutorials from the link I give,you can customize any blog layout,InshaAllah.
If you want tutorial in malay language,then go here

All the best in trying it out.

Safest way to dual boot windows 7 and Ubuntu 11.10

When It comes to dual-boot,almost all geek who are beginner to Linux thing will make them worry.A mistake in the setup step.Your PC/laptop gone.Muhahahaha.So,what is the safest way to dual-boot.Well,its wubi.
Sound weird rite?
Well,its not.Actually,it makes your job easier and simpler about choosing partition drive and size,setup the password.And most of all,when you start windows.It will be easier for you to choose either windows 7 or ubuntu.No grub screen,that will cause panic/horror on your friends when they used your laptop/PC.
windows boot manager
grub screen
What is the advantage install using Wubi?
-->No need to create partition(you can if you want,so that avoid conflict in your C drive)
-->You can just uninstall it easily like other softwares.

So,how to install ?

Belajar dengan YouTube EDU

Selalunya kalau didalam kelas atau diluar kelas,jika kita tidak faham terhadap sesuatu perkara,kita akan buka YouTube pastu cari sebuah video tutorial.Kini,perkara itu telah lagi dipermudahkan dengan YouTube EDU .
YouTube telah membuka sebuah page dimana para pelajar dari sekolah rendah hingga peringkat Universiti boleh belajar pelbagai perkara yang terlibat dengan akademik mereka.Sebagai contoh Calculus,Physic,dan sebagainya.Selain itu,video tentang pengetahuan AM pun ditunjukkan dalam page itu dengan nama Lifelong Learning .Agak berbaloi jika gunakan masa cuti dengan perkara berfaedah ini.Daripada duduk stalking awek kat facebook/gosip atau buat benda tak baik. Gunakan masa itu sebaik-baiknya dengan tambah ilmu baru.
Ini adalah salah satu video yang saya rasa kagum dalam page itu.

Android Apps for students in Malaysia

It's about 4 month(I think),I have been doing research about fully use my android phone.Especially as a student.
I still remember I "Googled" android apps for student but I am not happy with it.So now,I share to you guys based on my little research.All this app are free.All the apps picture are taken from android market.

1.Color Note

What I like about this app is that you can put all your reminder like submit quiz/assignment,checklist and etc.
Most of all,its colorful.To make this thing works,Install this app on your Phone Memory.To use it,as usuall...long press on your phone screen,choose widget,& then choose Color Note.

2.Offline Dictionaries

Most of the class I take in UIA,I faced having to understand some High-level english grammar.Since I have an Android Phone,why don't I install an app to make it easier.Most of dictionary apps need to be online.Seriously,not a joke.The difference this free version and pro version is PRO version is ad free.Itu je...
Make sure you open this app after install from android market,you need to download dictionary library.If not,it is useless app.So,make sure have fast wifi-signal/Internet.

3.Calculus Quick Reference

I love this app.It makes  my life easier to remember all important formulas before quizzes and exam.hahahhaa
So,if you taking Calculus,you should have this.It contains all the formulas for limits,derivatives,integration.

Tutorial mencantikkan desktop anda

Terus terang saya dah boring dengan wallpaper saya,so nak kata saya selalu tukar wallpaper saya.Tujuannya,nak cantikkan desktop.Tapi,saya dapat rasakan itu cari "old school".So,dalam post ini,saya share cara lain untuk mencantikkan desktop anda.

1.Gunakan transformation pack
--transformasi seluruh icon,loading bar,start menu kepada OS lain/awesome
--leh download kat (itu yang terbaik)
--just download dan install.Make sure download ikut OS 32-bit/64-bit.
   Kalau silap,setting rosak,windows corrupt.


--Yang terbaik saya gunakan.Agak susah pada awalnya untuk paham setting dia ,lepas belajar dan
    korban masa,anda akan faham.
--Ini website dia
--make sure awak baca tutorial dia.Banyak ada di Youtube/blog rainmeter.Jgn risau pasal notepad coding.Takda apa2 pun.
lifehacker tutorial using rainmeter
--ni link skin dia,(make sure install dahulu rainmeter,lepas install any skin can be applied)
rainmeter forum
forum lowyat rainmeter link

3.Tukar explorer.exe windows  aka custom windows 7 themes

--yang ini tahap bahaya.Download file theme

all the best.Selamat mencuba.

Steve Jobs menceritakan kisah hidupnya sendiri

Sebuah video ketika beliau berucap di Graduation di Stanford University.Banyak pengajaran yang saya dapat rasakan.Anda mesti lihat video ini dan ambil perkara positive dalam video ini.

Perbezaan antara Geek dan Nerd

First of all,saya rasa saya 85% Geek...dan bukan nerd.Something else perhaps.Still searching
I found this interesting Infographic here

Enjoy knowing about you...Geek or Nerd. Comment me..
Click to view big

Happy New Year-2012

To all my lovely LifeIsSimpleLA!!! followers
InshaAllah,I try to make this blog more interesting and useful for your daily life starting this day.
May Allah SWT extend my life and end it with happy endings.I pray the same to you guys.
If you want to say anything,just comment.
Currently,I just celebrate this new year with my calculus exercise.Just want to be different.Gila la...


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