Android Apps for students in Malaysia

It's about 4 month(I think),I have been doing research about fully use my android phone.Especially as a student.
I still remember I "Googled" android apps for student but I am not happy with it.So now,I share to you guys based on my little research.All this app are free.All the apps picture are taken from android market.

1.Color Note

What I like about this app is that you can put all your reminder like submit quiz/assignment,checklist and etc.
Most of all,its colorful.To make this thing works,Install this app on your Phone Memory.To use it,as usuall...long press on your phone screen,choose widget,& then choose Color Note.

2.Offline Dictionaries

Most of the class I take in UIA,I faced having to understand some High-level english grammar.Since I have an Android Phone,why don't I install an app to make it easier.Most of dictionary apps need to be online.Seriously,not a joke.The difference this free version and pro version is PRO version is ad free.Itu je...
Make sure you open this app after install from android market,you need to download dictionary library.If not,it is useless app.So,make sure have fast wifi-signal/Internet.

3.Calculus Quick Reference

I love this app.It makes  my life easier to remember all important formulas before quizzes and exam.hahahhaa
So,if you taking Calculus,you should have this.It contains all the formulas for limits,derivatives,integration.

4.GPA calculator

Almost everyone of us calculate our GPA after midsem or after know Carry Mark/Continuos Assestment Mark.This app is simple and easy to use.


If you google this thing.I dont know what is this.But,now I know what it is.Its kinda note taking app during your class.So,you can create note for every subject you taken together with some snapshot of the lecture audio or picture of some diagram that you lazy to draw.At the end of semester,you create your own personal textbook and awesome reference.But,my personal instinct saying that it is suitable for Android Tablet or Smartphone that have big screen

6.Scientific Calculator
Forgot to bring calculator to class.No worries,this app will save you.

7.Quran Android and iQuran
Android Quran
If you are muslim student,this two are good quran apps both are free and good.
Download Quran Android

8.Malaysia News Online

With the use of University/College wifi,you can save time on going to shop to buy the paper instead.Just read it on your phone.ALL-IN-ONE !

9.Smart PC remote control

This app make you easy to give presentation during class.How? You just change to next slide using your android phone.Easy rite?.No need to ask your friend or yourself to change slides.Besides that,you can control your Laptop/Wifi enabled desktop remotely. its not easy to configure and you can only use it if you have wifi.
You need to install this app on your phone and your laptop/PC

Download   - phone app
Download   -pc software

Well that all guys.If you have things to add.Just comment.



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