Customize blog layout

Last time,I promise to all my followers that I will show you the tutorial to customize blog layout especially the old blog template minima.Actually,I have no time to share fully the tutorial,but I share with you the link I learn to design my blog layout(as you see now)

This tutorials covers from headers,body,sidebar,and footer
Warning,it may takes a lot of your time and patience.

So,before you begin make sure you have Photoshop,internet and also create another blog,so that you can try n error at that blog,not your existing blog.


  1. Adobe Tut
  2. BlogBulk
Blog,Sidebar & Footer
  1. change width of blog
  2. blog background
  3. customize sidebar size and font
  4. customize Post Title
  5. Other things
To make you easier to find codes,press this button on your keyboard "Ctrl + F"
Also understand some CSS is an advantage.Link learn CSS
If you manage to understand the tutorials from the link I give,you can customize any blog layout,InshaAllah.
If you want tutorial in malay language,then go here

All the best in trying it out.



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