Safest way to dual boot windows 7 and Ubuntu 11.10

When It comes to dual-boot,almost all geek who are beginner to Linux thing will make them worry.A mistake in the setup step.Your PC/laptop gone.Muhahahaha.So,what is the safest way to dual-boot.Well,its wubi.
Sound weird rite?
Well,its not.Actually,it makes your job easier and simpler about choosing partition drive and size,setup the password.And most of all,when you start windows.It will be easier for you to choose either windows 7 or ubuntu.No grub screen,that will cause panic/horror on your friends when they used your laptop/PC.
windows boot manager
grub screen
What is the advantage install using Wubi?
-->No need to create partition(you can if you want,so that avoid conflict in your C drive)
-->You can just uninstall it easily like other softwares.

So,how to install ?
Well,I forgot to record the steps I did in my laptop,but luckily there is some tutorial in YouTube.
*Wubi is already in every Ubuntu cd/iso.No need to download from its website.
*Make sure use Ubuntu CD to do dual-boot using Wubi. Not Pendrive (depend on your luck)
  dont have ubuntu cd? burn the ubuntu 11.10.iso into your cd using Nero/Ashmapoo/etc(cd burning software)
*This is official link how to install it. click "show me how" for step 3.To display the step in pictures.

since we install,how to uninstall?

its same for windows 7 and vista.



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