Make your bicyle look like TRON light cycle

Have you ever wondered how to make a TRON light cycle?

Well,I have an idea and I gonna do it for my bicycle.
Its very simple. Just need an LED.That's all? Simple rite?
Actually this hacks usually applicable during night time.
This is how it gonna be at the end

wow..I think this guy take this picture using long exposure with DSLR

SUPER EASY to setup.You just need to put the LED at the wheel valve (tiub tayar).
So,where to buy?
I bought from a person in Her name is Intan.
Just cost around RM12 (2 led) + RM6 postal fee. It comes with 5 colors.So you choose one.
Interested? Just go the her blogshop

This is how the LED looks like

(only 1 light not like the video)

I will post later about my bicycle at night.InshaAllah :)



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