How to create basic Android app?

At last,I learn how to create a simple Android application..3 days I sit in front of my laptop,searching in Google for tutorial's and understand the tutorial I found.Out of all tutorials in Internet only 2 tutorials I managed to understand.So,I try n error to building an app by applying what i learned from these two tutorials.Not perfect but close enough.Before I show you the website of the tutorial,here is the screenshot of the app I made.(Not for showing off,but to show that anyone can do is simple!)click the image to view clearly.

result is shown using Android Emulator

Designing the easy

Java coding part.Quite confuse earlier,then slowly understand somehow.

So,now how to create a basic android app.First of all,I forgot to mention that I not gonna show how to do it,but I share the link where I learned and also the tutorial videos..I recommend you to watch the tutorial videos FIRST,then read the tutorial from the 2nd link I gave.

Basically,this tutorial is suitable for those who have experience in programming.So,non programmers try use MIT App Inventor

Video Tutorial -from The New Boston.
Please watch videos from episode 1-10.

Website Tutorial


  1. Ilyas MD said...:

    Didnt know u also do coding for android... u using eclipse rite?


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