Installing windows 8

Huhu,at last Windows 8 officially released.Managed to get Original Windows 8 from IIUM Dreamspark.
So what i did?
Well,because of Windows 8 still new in town,I am sure not many of the software that I installed in my laptop will work perfectly in windows 8 especially GAMES.So,I decided to do dual-boot installation.And guess what,it tooks  me around 10 minutes to install windows 8.So fast la!!!.

This is the picture I taken from my Galaxy Tab.Sorry for low quality.

created a separate partition for windows 8
choose boot from USB

first screen
 read more to see more pictures

nice dual boot menu right?

choosing a theme


My comment about windows 8.
Time taken to turn on the laptop and shutdown the laptop is quite faster than windows 7
The installation time of windows 8 is improved 90% compared to windows 7
graphics is simple and beautiful
Need to sign in to use fully windows 8 function using live/hotmail/XBOX live account.If you dont have,create one.



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