Journey to Dr. Zakir Naik Talk

Alhamdulillah, after long time watching Dr. Zakir Naik infront of the PC..Allah SWT gave me and my friends a chance to attend his talk LIVE in Malaysia at PWTC.It was a wonderful night and good experiece..The title of the talk is about "Islam view on terrorism and jihad"..On top that,guess what,the VIP is our former ex-Prime Minister Tun Dr.Mahathir. The venue is fully crowded. I am sure it is because of Dr Zakir Naik fan's.

I dont know what to write in this blog post,but let me share on what i have seen and captured some photos using my galaxy tab and galaxy mini.

the printed ticket

bridge near PWTC

entrance area
read more to see more pictures

managed to get front seat..thank to my fren SK

maghrib prayers @ the hall,tepi stage

Guess what? It' s Sham kamikaze

Tun M speech

no seat? Sit on floor la

Dr Zakir Naik speech
Question and Answer Session..I managed to get some of it.Need to go back..UIA gate will closed by 12am,so have to depart from PWTC early inorder to enter UIA without any problem else we sleep outside

That's all



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