Best Android Games

As an Android tablet and phone user,of course I will play some games on my phone/tablet.Let me share some games that my me,my friends,and my siblings excited and fight each other to get high score.And also it is FREE. yeay!!!

1.Angry Bird

2.Subway Surfers

3. Temple Run

4. Fruit Ninja

5. Flow Free

6. Speed Car

7. iFighter 1945

8. Plumber

9. Unblock Me

10. Where's My Water ?

Well guys,this is the games that I played.I really found that it really make you think alot and challenging yourselves.There are millions of Android Games out there.We just need some time to explore.

If you want the apk version of android games,visit this website.
Please comment if you have any interesting android games.I want to try inshaAllah.



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