Create a secure password from hacker

I always wanted to do a post about choosing a secure password but keep forgetting.But,after I read an article that my favorite muslim blogger gmail account is hacked.So,immediately I decided to blog about it.
So,how to secure your password.It's easy and hard to remember.So choose wisely.

1.Dont choose password of your gf/bf name or somebody in your family name.
2.Kindly avoid using your phone number/car registration number/(any number that your friends and family know that related to you.) as your password.
3.Dont use abc123 or 123456789 or your name in Capital letters
4.Try include capital letters,small letter,characters and also number.
    eg: M4Lay$1A-57
5.Dont share your password to anyone!
6.If you in public place/cybercafe,try to avoid entering password using keyboard.Use On-screen Keyboard.
   Just click the password using mouse on the screen.This is to avoid keyloggers
7.Change your password frequently for every 30 days.Dont be lazy.Hahahha
9.Last but not least,please watch this video of experts as I put below

How to choose strong password

DO's and DONT's

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