Tutorial to create Contact Form

Hello friends,I just learn a trick using "google docs".It is about creating a contact/order form.If you go to high-rank blog or websites.You will see it.But How to do it? Usually,web designer create it using HTML codes.But now  you will learn it just by using Google Docs.

1.Log on to Google Docs.
Go to "Create New",from there click "Form".
2.From there,you will see this interface

3.After fill the box.Click done.To add another question,click "Add item".

4.After that,click save.So now,how to put in the website/blog?.Just click on "More actions" then "Embed this item".You will received your code to paste at your website and blog...

There are a lot ideas to make.If you dont like to register some websites,eventough it is free.Just try Google Docs.
Credit:http://www.tutorialfeed.org/2009/05/10-free-form-for-blogger-websites.html and there is another indonesian website.I forgot to copy the link....sorry...



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