Watch Football Match LIVE on Internet

Lets make our life simple.People are buying ASTRO because want to watch EPL and other football matches.And some for movies.They pay RM100+ monthly bill.What about students?.Can they afford it.?
Based on my observation,most of them just go to Mamak Shop and stay there till 1am.But If they follow my simple ides,they can just watch in their room.Awesome rite...

After googling for a while.There is two websites I recommend.Here it is.
>>Free Football
>>MyP2P (In here you also can watch basketball,Cricket match also..)


1.Need high Speed Broadband.For TM please use UNIFI.  Or P1 wimax,maxis,or Celcom Broadband.
2.Go to the link choose the match that you want to see.
*The time is set on LONDON time,15.00pm = 10pm Malaysia!!!*
The link will posted as above 90min before the match.
3.Enjoy the live match.If your Internet speed ok.Then no problem.Experience like watching in YouTube.

All the best in trying it out.



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