Tamil movie,what I like and hate about it

Obviously the language used is Tamil.

1.I like the comedy in the tamil movie which cannot be found in English Movies.Take a look from this video
Comedy scenes mostly done by vadivelu and vivek.Try search in youtube.There are lot of it. 2.The songs are nice.This is one of my favorites.There a funny scenes.
3.It make me not to forget my mother tounge. 4.Better scenes from hollywood sci-fi movies.
Dislikes 1.If you see the fight scene,it is too much.Not logic....
This is not logic,bullet proof human,lol
2.Nowdays tamil movie,the director could not make nice ending.All ended with hero or all main character dying. 3.Illogical physic.Car explosion,jumping and many more ******************************************************************************** There are many more things I like to share,just not enough resource to proof...Well,what I can say,that is Tamil movie.Onion Emoticon



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