tutorial to build windows phone app

Now I am learning windows phone app after learning developing Android app. Well,I just learning just for fun to understand on how these app's works and to appreciate on how developer's developing their own app.

So,if you want to learn developing Windows Phone App. Just click these two link's for tutorials.
But before that make sure you have installed the SDK. It is recommend to download this SDK for Windows 8 user's.

Download(for offline version)

1.everything about Windows Phone App developement -> LINK

2. Tutorial 1 
3. Tutorial 2

running the emulator

*P/S .if you running your windows on Windows 8 and using processor which is not i3/i5/i7 or  any other equivalent processor. Your emulator will not work due to not support virtualization. You may get this error when you installing the SDK . You can test the app with your windows phone . T.T

the solution is from what I facing now is try develop your windows app based on windows phone 7.1 .Then only the emulator works.



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