Why I like Call Of Duty

   Since the early version of Call of Duty until now the latest Call of duty Black Ops,(which is created by Activision Games) the story play of the game normally around WW1 and WW2.After the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare,it is just story about killing a terrorist who plan for nuclear war.The reason I like the game is....

1.The graphics-They show nice detail of weapon,people,transportation and etc
2.The background music-Seriously it is matching for every situation such as during combat,solo mission,ambush situation and etc
3.It is very real-The command use to control the army.It makes me feel in real battle station.So when ever I watch a movie something related to military,I managed to understand it.
4.It is challenging my mind,patience,and skills.
5.Multiplayer is awesome.I played with my friends after finish my final exam.Play for long hour untill make my finger shivering
6.The game character name.Especially in COD Modern Warfare series and Black Ops.Captain Soap Mactavish,Captain Price,Ghost(MW2),and Mason(Black Ops).Almost all character in this game interesting.hihihi
Soap MacTavish
Ghost,scary rite?,But He is awesome
Alex Mason

7.I dont know what to explain.Just go to YouTube to see the gameplay by yourself.Just type "call of duty walkthrough pt 1"....

What I dont like it nowdays is because when it comes to badguy normally it is from Iraq-so called muslim terrorist la!.Other thing is that,they game can be finished within one-day if you sit continually.I want long story line.

So,this is the timeline of the game
Call of Duty 1

Up to here it is fighting with Nazi's,russian,and i forget some of it
this is beginning game for modern warfare,fight with Imran Zakhaev
back fighting with nazi's and fight with Japanese
fight with russian's and a traitor general Shephred
Fighting with japanese in vietnam and mission to kill 3 guys who plan to destroy world with Biobomb
And it continues,and will waiting for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.War between russians.Which will be release this november.CANT WAIT!!!!

Enjoy the gameplay I found in youtube for COD:MW3

Feel free to comment to know more....



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