Salam,hai my name is firdaus n i'm handsome boy right?
hahaha.just kidding.

Now I will share with all my follower about my experience becoming one of the committee of acm icpc 2011 for regional level..

what is acm icpc..hmmmm??? look at my previous post about ACM-ICPC national level..
This time I was play a role aa a technical setup commitee.Whereby,this time I setup PC and network setting for the competition.Together with 5 of my friends.And this was my first time setup and do setting on ubuntu.(Just setup IP only,lol) .Well,what I can say is that,is not that easy especially with no experience Linux based experience.Only,interest will let you cope up with the pressure.The day before competition,all of us sleep after 3.15am.huhuhu

The location of this event is in IIUM/UIAM at CAC(cultural activity centre).It took us 4 days for setup the place(Just for technical thing).The competiton happenend on 12 & 13 November 2011.12 for practise session and 13 is the D-day.I will share the photos I taken during preparation & also during the event.First,I would like to apologize if my photos not clear coz I take the picture using my handphone with 3MP camera.By the way,the competition held on Sunday 13 October from 9am - 2pm.

Before Event
before adding the PC

Preparing LAN connection

PC dell optiplex 790

on of my friend setup the PC
after complete SETUP

After setup,put the team number

i5 cool rite ?


setup PC for first time use

the server for receiving contestant answer

judge PC

after setup ubuntu on PC,we start setup IP and ping-ing

seriously different command  in Linux terminal from Window command prompt

Practice Session
before practice session begin

Uitm Team-Yogi Bear(National 3rd place winner)


good time together with contestant


I'm ready...

ballons for completed question

test your brain thinking skill and group work

medical team

everything ok? from left Dr Maziah Head Program of ACM-ICPC Regional Asia 2011

National Taiwan University +1ironwood team-managed to complete 9 questions  within 774 minutes.about 2 hours  from  time limit.Total hour of this event is 5 hour.All team shocked how early they managed to complete the hard questions
After event-closing ceremony

deputy rector of IIUM giving certificates and prize for participated and won teams

Yogi Bear Uitm Shah Alam team

regional won team-no3


no1,the campion from national taiwan University +1ironwood team

Regional won team

the champion team-the is lenovo notebook

some refreshment

me and bro muhaimin-taught me about linux command

runner commitee-taking some rest and having fun


chicken chop !

Dont forget to pray

Prize for National won team-IIUM won on national level

sapa ni???

fren from KAED who helped me setting up technical thing.Everyone happy with his performance  with his quick  understanding about linux network command.He even memorize it already!!!  This show anyone can do programming...



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