Hello 2014

Wow time really move fast. Many new things I have learned through out the year 2013. Sweet and sour memories occurred, meet new people,regrets, excitement, & hope.

So any new year resolution? . You know what, screw it. I don't want any new year resolution. Because I am not working through it. But I have set goals since 1 Muharram 1435H.
What is it? 

ermm I forgot actually.

But since i blog post about my goals. I have made up some list.

1. Khatam quran
2. Workout
3. Learn to Code
4. Create an Android App with HTML5 & Native Android
5. Prepare for Startup
6. Graduate
7. Travel alone/with friends
8. Explore Linux OS

It might be a small list but let me complete this list first because the outcome is big and to achieve this goal,i have to do a lot of preparation and work towards it. Pray for me. :)

I you still don't know what to do in 2014 or want to revise back your goals. Here some link for inspiration

All the best in the year 2014. Remember to Stay Focus and also pray success not only for yourself but for everyone you loved



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