Trip to Big Bad Wolf

Yesterday(22/12/2012),Me and my friends went to Big Bad Wolf Book Sales at Mines Convention Center (MIECC). It was awesome. Its like collections of tons of books in a warehouse. All in cheap price. The most expensive book that I found out is just like RM25.00 and the most cheap book is RM3. If I check back the price compared to normal bookstores,Books that cost around more than RM80 is just sell in less than RM30.WOW!!!

But the disadvantage I saw here is no Local Books sold here. Some of my friends asked Books that related to Islam.But I could not find one. Its OK since all the books from UK/US as long there is an increase number of reading culture from this type of events.

Here are picture's I have taken from my phone.Enjoy

lamborghini exhibition outside the entrance

soo many people
done shopping,now lets pay

banyak org,long queue...
My leg pain after a long walk for searching some good book but it is worthy to find books to increase knowledge.



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