Tips on learning PHP and MySql

First of all,I would like to apologize to my followers due to being inactive for a while.I am busy quite a while.So very SORRY... :-)

During this semester,I am taking Web Programming 1.In this subject we learn about HTML,PHP,and MySQL. It is a very interesting subject.So,now I will share with you on how I learn HTML,PHP,and MySQL to increase understanding in I have learned during class time and applied it my project.

1.Make sure you have a good textbook.Just google to find one.
2.Have a good friend,who is good in C++ and SQL.Why?
--This is because PHP programming is somehow related to C++.I can say,it is evolved from C++ to PHP,so that it can survive in Internet world.hehehe.MySQL uses SQL as its query.Other part in MySQL used as command to communicate to server.
3.Internet resource.
   HTML -
   PHP and MySQL -

Now,how does HTML,PHP and MySQL related to each other?
Well,it's simple.let me take an example for make you understand easier.Lets take Facebook for instance.

HTML is used for designing the interface.
By referring in above picture,in HTML,you design the layout to place where the username,password,sign up,background color,logo,and some pictures to be put.

so,when does PHP part comes?
it comes the moment you clicked the button sign up/login.
It is used to take extract your input in the form.To be process.

Now,after you click login, in few seconds MySQL part working in background to retrieve data from facebook database by using your username and password.(Username and password used to authenticate process).It will retrieve data all about YOU!!!!.

So,how about after login? The output?
So,now after I retrieve my data from facebook database.How to display it?
It's PHP+HTML...

HTML = design,and place area to display your data.
PHP = display data from database(eg:your friend status,application update,chat,and etc).

So,hope you guys understand.Feel free to comment to suggest or correct my mistake




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